How To: Cut Your Own Star Wars Paper Snowflakes

December 16, 2011


Want to cut your own Star Wars snowflakes to hang from the ceiling for Christmas? Of course you do, you are INTO this. Thankfully, Anthony Herrera has you covered, with printable patterns to make all the designs above (but come on, nobody's gonna make C-3PO). I actually have a collection of paper snowflakes I've made over the past couple years and I hang them up every December. "You're a f***in' dork!" I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that. I made even more this year, but I haven't put them all up yet. If you're lucky I might even post a picture of them on Geekologie's Facebook page next week. If you're unlucky I might back over you with my truck trying to parallel park without looking.

Hit the jump for some closer-ups and a link to the pattern page.


Pattern Page
Super Geeky Star Wars Paper Snowflakes: Now with Diagrams! [obviouswinner]

Thanks to christian and FableMomma, one of which "showed them to my hubby and we had mindblowing sex because he was so happy I made his Christmas!" (It was FableMomma -- she said that!)

  • cationdesigns

    After finding Anthony Herrera's site, I made some of my own Star Wars and Lord of the Rings snowflakes.  To see my version of tie fighters, Darth Vader's shuttle, Jabba, the Rebel Alliance symbol, a balrog, Rivendell, and the Evenstar snowflakes, check out my blog:

    I also made downloadable templates for a few of them!

  • ::sings:: It's beginning to look a lot like Hoth. Eeeeverywhere you go.

  • Guest

    *snaps fingers* Catchy!

  • okay, I am so doing this (by the hundreds) and putting them all over my house.

  • Peter Elasigue

    Cools... First?

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