Highly Questionable: 'Sound Perfume' Glasses Help You Recognize Others With Smell, Sound

December 14, 2011


Sound Perfume glasses are a pair of not-cool-at-all looking spectacles with an integrated speaker and perfume dispenser that help you remember somebody by providing them with a unique sound and smell. LEMME BREAK IT DOWN FOR YA: You choose a smell and sound to represent yourself. This info is stored in your smartphone. When you start talking to someone, your info is sent to their glasses, which will dispense your scent and play your tune. That way they remember you easier the next time you meet. Because why should we have to recognize each other based on name and face alone? What is this, the 1900's? That said, I've already picked out scent and sound. "Butthole and a firetruck siren?" Unforgettable.

Hit the jump for a video explanation of the technology and the glasses in action.


Thanks to Evil Ares, who's so evil he would make his smell anthrax. Oh you're bad!

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