Guy Proposes With A Series Of Iffy Meme Posters

December 22, 2011


This is the confusing video of a guy proposing to his girlfriend by holding up a series of highly questionable posters in the window of a restaurant containing memes. Things like the 'oh crap/OMG rage face' guy with "marriage scares the f*** outta me!!!" and the 'f*** that' guy (Yao Ming) saying "BITCH PLEASE, MARRIAGE IS NOT 4 ME." What I'm getting at is this 1. romance is dead (brobro killed it) 2. the music they used for the video was the wrong choice and completely took me out of the proposal 3. what the -- did you two meet on 4chan? and 5. it is literally BLOWING MY MINE (mine is the new mind FYI) she said yes. Jesus, her biological clock must be ticking like MacGyver cut the wrong wire on a bomb.

Hit the jump for the maybe she just said yes for the video.

This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend with Internet Memes [gizmodo]

Thanks to Brian, who plans on proposing the old fashioned way: keep offering the bride-to-be's father more goats until he says yes. So romantic.

  • Mallory Smith

    Legit cried.

  • Matthew Armstrong

    Saw a solid opening for Brushie in the beginning there...

  • Stephen Dias

    So many incorrect;y used memes where is his AWWWW YEEAAAAHHHHH after yes?

  • Thanatoslives

    I'm disappointed the last slide wasn't AWWWW YEAAAHHHHHH!!!! guy.

  • sdghie

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  • A_N_T

    He fucked up Gandalf's -.-

  • man, that must be love...

  • Lu

    Luca approved.  

  • Paul G Rigby

    So many missed opportunities here... Instead of 'Run You Fools' it should have been 'IT'S A TRAP' and the main proposal should have been 'CAN I HAZ HAND IN MARRIAGE?'

  • I used to want to get married, until I took an arrow to the knee!

  • Daniel Ling

    Man this guy is either from Singapore or Malaysia... my money is on Singapore!

  • Malaysia! ;-)

  • Nicholas J Donalds


  • Dinosaur Rex


  • SaltySeaman

    Anyone else think she is wayyyyyyy outta his league?

  • ..from the desk of the shallow american.. That's why Asians are better and don't cheat on you.. they don't think like americans do.

  • Link

    First off, they're in America during the entire video. That's where this takes place. Second, they may be of "asian" ethnicity, but did you honestly just classify infidelity through an ethnic demographic? Surely, you're not THAT idiotic. Clearly, you were just trolling, right?

  • Nerdy but beautiful... I whish the best for them...

  • grimbldoo

    GW is just jealous because he knows how much he would fail if he tried to propose. 

  • DukeofDukenton

    I don't get memes used in real life, people always seem to think they're being super creative by saying phrases like "U MAD" or "forever alone", but really all they're doing is the same thing you see on the internet but in real life. And usually by the point it even happens, the meme has been beat to death already.

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