Gubment Wants All States To Adopt Phone Driving Ban

December 14, 2011


Because the government doesn't want you to run me over on my walk to the bar, the National Transportation Safety Board is encouraging all states to adopt stricter bans on the use of cell phones while driving. And while they're at it they should do something about the guy I saw drive by the other day with his foot on the dash CUTTING HIS F***ING TOENAILS. I say arrest that man!

So far 30 of the 50 states have some kind of ban in place, but the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is worried that a patchwork of rules for each state is too confusing, so they have introduced their own recommendations.

They say states should ban all handheld portable electronics, except those involved directly with operating the car such as GPS units. Cellphones used with hands-free devices would still be allowed, as would calls made to report emergencies.

Pfft, what call ISN'T an emergency for the person making it? OMG Derek listen -- the guy in the car next to me is masturbating. That or peeling potatoes. Either way I'm gonna try to take a picture as soon as I get off the phone with you. Wanna watch me play some Skyrim when I get home? WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU SOLD MY PLAYSTATION TO BUY A MAIL ORDER BRIDE?! Well can we share her? Because if you use that money that technically makes her half mine.

Feds want all states to ban cellphone use while driving [dvice]

Thanks to Chris and rallaz, who don't text and drive because they know if I catch them I'll get in front and then slam on the brakes.

  • Richard Hare

    Currently have this in Maryland.  Its rarely enforced and just a ridiculous law.  Not texting while driving is common sense, but I'll continue to make calls on my phone while driving.  While we are at it lets make laws against listening to the radio, eating, and be sure to ban all children under the age of 10 in cars as well as they are more of a distraction than anything.  I know I certainly dont feel safe on the road while some soccer mom turns around to "negotiate" with her snot nosed brat instead of pulling over and spanking the crap out of it.

  • Dom Barlow

    We've had this ban in the UK for a while now, and it's really not stopped the idiots trying. Though, it does mean if you cause an accident while on the phone at the wheel, you loose your license and I'm fairly sure it can bump "Death By Dangerous Driving" into Manslaughter/Murder terrirtory.

  • AnimusVox

    I'm perfectly fine with this, mainly because I'm sick and tired of walking to or from work and almost being ran over because someone decides to text 'lol' to their friend.

  • kengao1989

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  • This is enforced in San Diego now, I got a ticket for talking on the phone. Paid it off and went out to buy bluetooth. I feel much safer using it. Using your hand actually is a distraction (even though you think it isn't, until you try the difference). And you can wait to text at lights. Not safe to do while driving. At all. Though even at a light I'm pretty sure a cop would write you up.

  • Dean Erickson

    in Saskatchewan its a steep fine + 4 points on your licence which if you go below 0 is a steep fine for each point aswell. I think you need to go to a class aswell.. but ive seen too many people texting at the light or going off the road etc.. its better without.

  • whacko

    Laws won't help.

    It is very hard to prove someone was texting while driving, especially since most people don't hold their phones up like that while they do so. If someone is driving recklessly you can pull them over for that, but you wouldn't be able to pull them over just because a phone was present in the car. If someone is involved in an accident caused by texting, it is extremely difficult to prove unless someone saw the crash and the person texting just before it which is unlikely. I guess you could prove it if someone died with a half-finished message typed in, but at that point laws won't help anyone much.

    All this would do is make it difficult to use phone-based GPS services which are no more difficult to use than standalone GPS units.

  • knocky smith

    On texting while driving. The very funny Marc Maron

  • I didn't even pay attention to the message on the phone but then I read a comment here and scrolled up and lol'd. Oh god.

    But yeah, also in agreeance with this. There should be no compromises. I can kind of understand chatting on the phone, but really, even that should be avoided. And as for texting while driving, there is just no reason to do it. Ever.

  • Florida traffic cops barely enforce the current laws, what good is a new one going to do? I guess they make enough money with all the speed traps around here...

  • sounds good to me. How about revoking the license of people who violate this. Have a law with some teeth.

  • I absolutely agree with this. I've been driving behind someone who I was completely convinced that they had to be drunk but then I passed them and discovered they were actually texting. Stupid people. Not to mention, I worked in auto insurance claims for almost 5 years and the #1 thing everyone said to me was "he/she was on their cellphone."

  • artilleryboy

    Good. it will stop more accidents from ocuring. They should also get rid of bluetooth because it has a similar effect. Your main priority during driving should be safety of you, your passengers and those outside your car, not talking to someone on the phone.

  • kengao1989

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  • Davidsadi

    Lol the text on the phone.

    These comment areas are rather empty now. id say it was cuz of the disqus add on witch I didnt mind singing up for. But the reason for doing it is solid, maybe people still read just don't comment as much.

  • i dunno. i think geekologie fell off when they switched themes. dont get me wrong i love the new theme but i think the passion is gone lol

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