GTFO Of Here With That: Printed PJ Jeans For Dudes

December 29, 2011


Because why should women be the only ones who get to wear stupid pajama pants that look like f***ing jeans, now there's a line for dudes. Those are them in the picture. That's right, the boxers are printed on. You know, shit like this really hurts my brain. I have so many questions. Are people out there actually buying these? Do they think they look good? Do you wear them with underwear? If you shit your boxers but your girlfriend does your laundry should you just throw them away to save yourself the embarrassment? Hell no, doodoo is natural. God, haven't you ever read, 'Everyone Poops'? "They do, just not in their pants as an adult." Soooooooo... "So yes, go home and change." STINKYPANTS OUT!

Product Site (only $13!! -- THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING)
Apparently, Some Men Have Been Dying for 'Pajama Jeans' for Guys [guyspeed]

Thanks to Christopher Illuminati, who may or may yes be trying to take over the world through Geekologie tips. Good luck with that.

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