Quit Hogging All The Fingers!: Daniel The 26-Toed Cat

December 9, 2011


Daniel is a cat. A cat with a human name. A cat with a human name THAT WAS BORN WITH 26 TOES. Normal cats only have 18 (eight up front), but Daniel the human-named cat, well, he's got two extra on each foot. You lucky dog! "He's a cat." You're an @$$hole.

Normal cats have 18 toes, but Daniel has two extra on each foot due to a genetic mutation called polydactylism.

Officials at the center found out their rent at a Milwaukee-area mall was being doubled on Jan. 1. So, the shelter is buying a new building and is seeking small donations of $26 -- or $1 per toe.

They've collected enough so far to secure the financing with about $80,000 raised since Oct. 24, but they hope to raise $120,000 by Dec. 23 so they can become even more financially stable. About $50,000 of the money raised has come from $26 donations.

Daniel was originally going to be adopted out, but Rowell has decided to keep him as a shelter mascot.

Oh man, I love polydactyl cats. But you know what would be even cooler than a polydactyl cat? A pterodactyl cat mount that you could ride/fly into battle. CAW CAW, meoooooooow.

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Cat's 26 toes help boost Milwaukee animal shelter [yahoonews]

Thanks to Amber, who agrees it must be a real treat when Daniel kneads your stomach with all those extra digits. OMG, WANT.

  • Guest

    Such a darling cat.

    Polydactylism is quite common in our species too, normally with just one or two extra digits on hands and or feet.

    ☆★ The More You Know ★☆

  • rebekahshurman

    Cat's have 8 toes in the back, not the front. Just sayin'.

  • josh bailey

    Not only does this cat have thumbs, it has TWO!

  • cuthbert51

    While having THAT many toes is a bit rarer, polydactal cats aren't as rare overall as you seem to be implying. I had 4 cats in a row that all had extra toes. Though, it was on purpose that I got them that way. Wasn't an after-the-fact discovery.

  • LOL i have a cat with 2-3 extra toes for a paw. His name is "mittens" cuz his paws look like mitts! And i had another one before him, but cuter, name "face" -- as in 'babyface'

  • This is news to Yahoo?  LOL -- polydactylsm is not uncommon.

    My cat has 5 extra toes: 23 in total.

  • Audwin Short

    Wow, with that many toes he can take on PIANO CAT! Now THAT's a Cat Rumble...


    Taking over the World, so that you don't have to...

  • Meewok

    Uh oh! Cat with opposable thumbs!

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