Glass Multi-Touch Keyboard & Mouse Coming Soon

December 2, 2011


Jason Giddings' Kickstarter project to develop multi-touch glass keyboards and mice has been fully funded and he expects to have them to market as early as April of next year. You can still donate $250 for a keyboard , $150 for a mouse or $350 for both though. Or you can just ogle the designs and think to yourself how nice it would be to have a keyboard that pubes can't get stuck between the keys of. Come on -- you bathroom laptop users know what I'm talking about! "I'm completely shaven." TMI, bro!

Hit the jump for a shot of the mouse and a brief video.


Kickstarter Page

Fantasy glass keyboard and mouse Kickstarted into reality [dvice]

Thanks to peg, who still likes pushing buttons. Hey, same here. What's this big red one do?

  • Daniel Whateley

    Everyone is right, it won't be a perfect design for a keyboard, in fact it could possibly be the worst design, but as i'm sitting at my computer right now, tapping keys away, it would be no different, i don't even feel the edges of my keyboard, it would be very simple to adjust to it by using it a lot, for the $350 apparent RRP it's a bit pricy, but you'd mostly be paying for the software development, it wouldn't be any different to buying useless software like photoshop when there's plenty of free software out there.

    All that said, a keyboard is a keyboard, and a glass one is pretty impressive, but the thought of using IR sensors probably isn't the best idea, especially since remotes for tv's will interfere, aswell as other ambient lights, now if he developed a capacitive touch screen like what phones have, no it won't be see-through, but it would still work, but then people might aswell download an app on their tablet to connect to their pc, and just download a full size keyboard...

  • Lovecake

    Awesome idea! Take the absolute worst thing about using smartphones/tablets, and apply it to desktop computers! I bet 90% of the people who get this will plug it in when their friends come around, then use a $10 standard keyboard when they actually want to use the computer. At least it looks purdy. 

  • funkotronic

    So what's with the Ctrl/Cmd key icon? Looks like a guy bent over sucking his own pecker. Nice.

  • Ryan Dempsey

    If it's using light, won't it register all of the fingers that I leave resting on the keys? 

  • Jeez... now touch-typing is a thing of the past. Everyone will have to watch where their fingers are. And why isn't that an LCD display too? Seems like a waste for not to be.

  • As cool and "futuristic" as this looks, in practice it would dramatically hinder your typing speed. Any of these projection/flat surface typing devices have this same problem.

    It's the tactile feel that lets you type without looking at the keyboard. It's not just the feel of individual keys, but more importantly the tiny bumps on the F and J keys (or D/K, depending on your keyboard) that help keep your hands centered without having to keep looking downwards.

    Unless the glass has some sort of raised surface or braille-like bumps to give your fingers a tactile map, it's going to end up like texting on an iPhone. You just can't do it blind.

  • man, yes 100%. its so obvious that i hope they make this and realize that they only sold 3 units and go bankrupt. it would be a good lesson for manufacturing complete bull-ish products

  • Sremjr

    Check out the Kickstarter page. This does have bumps on the J and F keys, and sound tied to typing can be turned on or off based on your preference. Both of these features would make your valid point less of an issue for this particular device.

  • Julio Juarez

    Only J and F key bumps aren't enough for a device like this one. Sound would not help much as it only tells you that a key was pressed, but without looking, you will be bound to making a lot of mistakes. I think the key boundaries should also be raised a little bit, or like Jonathan said, each key should be raised a little bit (although I wonder if it would alter the light reflection) and maybe also bump the symbols on each key. If we humans in general had perfect memory, to the point of walking around rooms blindly, then the J and F bumps might actually be good enough.

  • I agree with what your saying its the same thing when your typing on a tablet

  • James Mcelroy

    exactly my point.

  • James Mcelroy

    so how do you touch type on a piece of glass?

  • It's glass, right?

     Sooo......a spritz of windex [or cold tap water] and then wipe it off......not that difficult. 

  • The little white gloves come free, right?

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