Geekologie Reader's Sick Star Wars Tattoo Chestpiece

December 29, 2011


This is Geekologie Reader Alex's massive Star Wars themed chestpiece, 'Virgin Fett', in the style of the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus. In case you can't tell by the massive watermark, it was created by tattoo artist Adam Hayes and DAMN THAT ORANGE IS VIBRANT.

Here is my boba & jango fett front piece done by Adam Hays of red rocket tattoos New York. The piece took 18-19 hours done in three session in two weeks. It's a father and son tattoo for me and my sons and myself and my own father.

Awesome. Definitely more meaningful than a Vader/Luke father & son tattoo. Plus I love it when my nipples get all hard like that. *tweaking own nips* "Jesus, GW, be gentle." Pfft, I've had these things for years, I THINK I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING. *accidentally flicks nip across room, dog takes interest* CHLOE -- NO! F***, she didn't even chew.

Adam's Tattoo Page on Facebook
Official Website (with almost 40 other Star Wars tats he's done)

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