Forget Them, Skip Straight To The Dinos!: Scientists One Step Closer To Mammoth Cloning

December 6, 2011


Determined to keep good on their promise to clone mammoths in the near future, scientists claim they're one step closer after finding well preserved marrow in the thighbone of a specimen during a recent dig. No word if anybody's tried making mammoth broth with it yet.

By transplanting nuclei taken from the marrow cells into elephant egg cells whose nuclei have been removed through a cloning technique, embryos with a mammoth gene could be produced and planted into elephant wombs, as the two species are close relatives, they said.

But cell nuclei are usually damaged or have not been kept in a frozen state even when they have been found in a good overall condition, a Russian museum official said.

This time, however, there is a high likelihood that biologically active nuclei can be extracted as the frozen marrow found when museum scientists cut open the thighbone Nov. 13 was fresh and in excellent condition, according to the official.

Oh man, can you imagine the look on the husband elephant's face when his wife gives birth to a mammoth? I bet you didn't even think of that, did you, scientists? HOMEWRECKERS! That said, I'm ready and willing to carry a dino baby to full term. Call Text Sext me.

Scientists a step closer to cloning mammoth [japantimes]

Thanks to Bradley, Pesche and Sam, who agree mammoths are just hairy elephants AND A WASTE OF OUR CLONING RESOURCES.

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