Failure At Life Drives Truck Through Gas Station Trying To Run Over Girlfriend

December 15, 2011


This is a video of some idiot trying to run over his girlfriend in a truck after she ducks into a gas station for safety. He misses her, but manages to hit the owner after plowing though the entire store. But the excitement doesn't stop there, oh no! Captain Roadkill then gets out of the truck, leaves the store, steals another woman's SUV that was left at the pump, and tries to make a quick getaway BEFORE CRASHING HEAD-ON INTO A BREAD TRUCK because he didn't look both ways. F***, even Michael Bay couldn't even make an action scene this exciting! Get it? Because he sucks.

Hit the jump for the there ought to be a special place for people like this. "Like prison?" Even specialer.

Video Catches Man Crashing Through Gas Station While Trying to Run Down His Girlfriend [theblaze]

Thanks to Max, who agrees "would you ever run me over?" is one of those questions you should ask before the third date AT THE LATEST.

  • A kind of ... stupid ... no ... it's worst !

  • Drew Rochon

    That's eerily similar to how I play Grand Theft Auto ...

  • ryo_saeba

    It makes my day so wonderfull now :D

  • Its not a drive thru u idiot!

  • kengao1989

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  • Marc-Olivier Lelièvre

    All this time I was looking for a role model.

  • flodrab

    what's the over/under on the B.A.L.?

  • Guest

    It's hard to tell if this guy is an idiot or was just mentally insane.

  • And the store owner gets up after being plowed into -- holy crap! ABC reports that he's alive and recovering.

  • like a boss!

  • Audwin Short

    What a stupid worthless Idiot! Tell me he lived. Please tell me that he lived so that he can be put in jail and taunted for the rest of his stupid life. I know it seems harsh, but he nearly killed 4 people (including himself).  Tard!...

  • And then steals another car, turns into the oncoming lane, and runs straight into a pastry truck... ya... failure at life was a good choice for the title of this. -_-

  • Mike Freeman

    It was in my hometown!

  • Your hometown sucks... J/K

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