Drive Safe: Snow-Sliding 18-Wheeler Near Crash

December 19, 2011



Coming to you from the public service department of Geekologie comes this reminder to drive safe this holiday season. The roads are gonna be packed with buttholes driving like assholes trying to get to a relative's house five minutes earlier than they would have driving like a sane person, SO BE CAREFUL. Take your time, especially in inclement weather. I was actually involved in a snow-related accident many moons ago and wound up in intensive care for 11 days with internal bleeding. I could not be here right now. "And that's a bad thing?" Maybe not for you, but for me! NOW DRIVE SAFE OR I'LL KILL YOU MYSELF.

Hit the jump for the I love how he just drives off without changing his pants or processing the life that just flashed before his eyes.

Watch luckiest driver in world miss scary head-on collision with truck [jalopnik]

Thanks to trevor, who doesn't have to worry about traffic because he takes his jetpack everywhere including the bathroom. You're weird.

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