Drive Safe: Snow-Sliding 18-Wheeler Near Crash

December 19, 2011



Coming to you from the public service department of Geekologie comes this reminder to drive safe this holiday season. The roads are gonna be packed with buttholes driving like assholes trying to get to a relative's house five minutes earlier than they would have driving like a sane person, SO BE CAREFUL. Take your time, especially in inclement weather. I was actually involved in a snow-related accident many moons ago and wound up in intensive care for 11 days with internal bleeding. I could not be here right now. "And that's a bad thing?" Maybe not for you, but for me! NOW DRIVE SAFE OR I'LL KILL YOU MYSELF.

Hit the jump for the I love how he just drives off without changing his pants or processing the life that just flashed before his eyes.

Watch luckiest driver in world miss scary head-on collision with truck [jalopnik]

Thanks to trevor, who doesn't have to worry about traffic because he takes his jetpack everywhere including the bathroom. You're weird.

  • ButteredToast

    I think I heard the word "vodka" after they almost died. Probably a much needed vodka after something like that!

  • DanDan

    He said vot gad, vot eto da, which means something like: what an asshole, wow.

  • In Soviet Russia, truck drives you!

  • Coruptin

    Silly Russians! Oh you~

  • Audwin Short

    They're all idiots except for the truck in front of the Driver in the video! First, why did the Snowplow stop? It's only 2 lanes. Then, the big truck was obviously too close and had to go around to avoid rearending.  And the guy taping it, what the hell was he doing??...

    For these answers and more, go to: http://www.shortwaveindustr...

    Shortwave Industries:  Our driving may be reckless, but at least you won't die...

  • It's common in Russia now to install cameras that automatically record when you're driving, so that you have evidence in case of an accident or if cops pull you over. The footage is from one of these cameras.

    As for what the driver was doing, he was looking for an opportunity to pass the truck in front, because driving behind one isn't a good idea on such a road. His only mistake was not allowing enough distance between himself and a truck, which forced him to stop beside it, rather than behind it. By the time he saw the truck on the oncoming, there was no time to try and pull up behind the truck in front. He'd either slam into it or spin out.

    So yeah, he should have allowed more distance, but beyond that, acted quite rationally.

  • Audwin Short

    It wasn't "rational". I've been driving ever since I was a kid, and on 2-lane roads you can't pass anybody! Why? For the same reason that the truck almost slammed into the driver in the video. You don't tailgate, and you don't pass for fear of a Road Runner/Coyote situation... meep meep BOOM!

  • Steven Bradley

    It seems that someone doesn't know the rules of the road.  Given that there are no lines in the road indicating whether you can pass or not implies that if the oncoming lane is free and it is safe to do, you can pass the vehichle in front of you.  The only mistake this guy did was not wonder why the truck in front of him was slowing down and pulling off to the side.  Maybe he thought the cube van drive was letting him by.

    Kudo to this drivers calm demeanor.  I imaging the truck drive sh*t a brick too.

  • That's because you never learned to drive manual and your car doesn't have the power to perform a pass on automatic. (Or perhaps you never learned how to drive in general, but I don't wish to jump to conclusions.) What you do is watch for clearing, drop into 3rd, spin up the engine, and pass the truck. This isn't only possible but absolutely essential if you're driving behind a truck on a bad 2 lane road, which majority of Russian roads are. There are holes in these roads big enough to ruin your suspension or worse, but a truck will pass between its wheels. Also rocks and other junk that the truck might throw. So yeah, you learn to pass on a two lane road or you don't drive for very long.

  • John Enright

    try living in Ireland - granted we have a lot of motorways and dual carriageways now but once you leave those you are mostly on single lane narrow roads where one car has to pull in to let the car pass it.... so believe me it is quite possible and easy to overtake on a 2 lane road!

  • Dy7lan (the seven is silent)

    Talk about keeping your cool. I would have jumped out of the car and been half way down the hill before that truck would have passed... and screaming the whole way.

  • Billy

    The driver himself was completely unsafe in this video and if you look closely, you'll see that the semi/trailer was already fishtailing just as he appeared in sight.  He even smacked the snowplow he was passing.  Sheesh, how do these guys make it through a day alive??  

  • RDarker

    Safety is fat capitalistic oppression. 

  • only in Russia.

  • Dusty Graham

    Holy shit americans would be flipping the **** out

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