Disney Princesses As Magazine Cover Models

December 6, 2011


This is a 13-magazine series of Disney princesses as cover models as imagined by artist Petite Tiaras. Now I now what you're wondering, "WTF is up with the Geekologie Writer and Disney princesses?" And the answer is complicated. You see, my big sister used to dress me in princess costumes growing up because she didn't have any girls her age to play with. Kidding, I don't even have a big sister. But I do wear women's underwear and talk in a lady voice sometimes. "You're a cross-dressing prostitute aren't you?" I...just have a lot on my plate right now.

Hit the jump for twelve more.













Petite Tiaras' Blog
Disney Princesses As Cover Models [buzzfeed]

Thanks to bb, who's always wanted to be on the cover of Fairy Tales Today. Oh really? *donning shining armor* I can make that happen.

  • jasmine lookin sexy as always

  • This is hysterical!!! I love it!!

  • Ab Murz

    Sick people.

  • Vanessa Whoot

    That last Jasmine cover was a horrible skinny photo-shopped looking mess. Even for a cartoon. 

  • Tiana .... Ebony ... c'mon, are we that PC!?

  • "Everything's hotter under the water" lol.
    They could have gone a little more bad girl with Megara's cover, like a maxim or something.

  • Davidsadi

    -fapping to jasmine cosmo-

  • monkeyspinach

    this post is pretty weak. i'm pretty sure he just cut out pictures of the princess from the film stills and planted basic text over them

  • How does Tiana get two covers, yet they ignore Esmerelda?

    And last I checked, Tinkerbell is not a princess...

  • Rurouni Zanza

    Where is Kairi? =/

  • tiana looks stoned

  • ello!

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