Comprehensive Timeline/Infographic To Doctor Who

December 20, 2011


Note: Full-res version of the entire looooooooong thing HERE.

This is a comprehensive guide to the history of the Doctor Who television franchise in timeline slash infographical format (saying slash is the new / FYI). For those of you not familiar with Doctor Who, it's the show the band The who took their name from. Just kidding, but feel free to spread that if you wanna sound like a total TA-- "Don't even say it!" Say what? "TARDIS." I wasn't gonna! "Then what were you gonna say?" Nooooo, it's too late now. If you wanna hear what I was gonna say you're gonna have to Time Lord your ass back a minute or suffer the wrath. *brandishing Sonic Screwrdriver* "That's an electric toothbrush." I don't care what it is, it's about to be brushing your colon!

Doctor Who Timeline [cabletv]

Thanks to James, who actually made the graphic and clearly has some impressive organizational skills.

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