Car Crash In Japan Claims 8 Ferraris, 3 Mercedes, A Lamborghini Diablo, Nissan GT-R And A Prius

December 5, 2011


13 exotic sports cars and a Prius were involved in a pileup in Japan over the weekend, with damages to the vehicles estimated as high as $4-million. And that's not including the Prius. Those things are exorbitant! Also, absorbent (I've wiped with one before when they ran out of TP at a music festival).

But local authorities say it likely wasn't a case of "The Fast and the Furious."

Although the investigation is continuing, based on initial interviews, the type of the damage the vehicles suffered and injuries, authorities said they don't believe the cars were burning rubber as per the highway throwdowns made famous in the street racer movie series.

Instead, wet road conditions may have caused the first car, a Ferrari driven by a 60-year-old male, to slip on the two-lane highway and smash into a guard rail. Cars behind then added to the pile-up as they tried to screech on the brakes.

Man that sucks. Here I am with ZERO Ferraris and there are people out there crashing eight of them at a time. It ain't right! I mean, I deserve a sports car. "You don't even have a license." Exactly, so I'll never crash it. "Or drive." You're right -- flight simulator it is.

Hit the jump for several more shots and a news video of the carnage.





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Thanks to Max, who agrees everyone should donate a dollar to the 'buy GW a Ferrari' fund. Come on, it's a noble cause!

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