But I Don't Wanna TRON: Projection System Turns Your Living Room Into The Movie You're Watching

December 5, 2011


These are three videos showing off some crazy-ass video projection system that has the power to turn your living room into the movie you're watching. It's kind of hard to explain, so just watch and be amazed. Oooooooor entirely underwhelmed, you're a hard one to please. Oh, stop the presses -- I'm about to hit you with a quote. "Thats a sock full of pennies." You deserve this.

By attaching the PlayStation Move to the camera, we can track projections to screens in real time, enhancing the effect of spatial deformation and false perspective on the projections and allowing viewers to look round (virtual) corners, bend walls, create a hole in the wall, or remove the walls altogether to reveal vast expanses of virtual worlds.

Obviously this is a shot from the TRON themed video here, but there's a robotic future and pirate one as well. Me? I liked the pirate one. I'd pay upwards of $6 for a movie theater experience like that. "Too bad regular tickets are already $10. Where the f*** have you been?" Well home a lot, obviously.

Hit the jump for the worthwhile videos.

The Holodeck is Real! Most Insane Immersive Movie Experience [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Terry, who watches movies the way they were meant to be: butt-ass naked and with a bellybutton full of popcorn.

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