BUSTED!: Guy Who Drove Bugatti Veyron Into Lagoon Going To Trial For Insurance Fraud

December 1, 2011


Remember the dipshit who drove the Bugatti into a Texas lagoon to "avoid hitting a pelican" except we all know there wasn't one because brobro never would've guessed in a million years some other idiot that thought he was driving a Lamborghini was filming the whole scene? Well now he's going to trail for insurance fraud. I thought it was supposed to turn into a submarine, I swear!

The insurance company claims [auto deal Andy] House borrowed $1 million from a friend to buy the car and then bought insurance on it as a collector's vehicle, valuing it at more than $2 million. It says he drove it into the swamp to collect the insurance, which was supposed to go to the friend who lent him the purchase money.

House says he swerved off the road to avoid hitting a pelican, but the insurance company says there's no pelican in the video. Plus, it says it went to the scene and found no skid marks, and it further alleges that House "left the vehicle running for over fifteen minutes while it was submerged until it died on its own causing unnecessary damage to the vehicle's engine."

Not gonna lie, that does smell a little fishy. Get it? The car -- it was in a lagoon! That smell's never gonna come out. But seriously, dude better be praying he doesn't wind up in jail with any auto enthusiasts. Know what I'm saying? I'm saying he's gonna get rear-ended. "And void his warranty?!" ZERO PROTECTION PLAN.

Hit the jump for the video of the crash (note: salty language) if you didn't catch it the first time.

Case of the drowned million-dollar car to go to trial [msnbc]

Thanks to Scissorcake, who sounds pretty f***ing dangerous to eat.

  • Chick_Tract_Fil_A

    He could do better performing this fraud on a rainy night with nobody around. Not clever.

  • Chick_Tract_Fil_A

    looks to me most of the damage is being caused by the tow truck driver's muddy hands all up into the interior. Not to mention dragging that poor car up the ramp.

  • Mighty Molecule

    ...the pelican or pelican-like grocery bag is easily seen in the video before he swerves. and since when does swerving = braking? skid marks are at every traffic incident apparently. the entire point of swerving is because one can't brake hence skid marks are dependent on the individual/situation ergo subjective. furthermore, of the twenty times I personally drove off into a body of water I always remember to kill the engine, grab valuable paperwork from the glovebox, and snag my blublocker sunglasses...because the fact you're in a lake should never make you think of bailing out for your life and fuck everything else first and foremost...

    ...pay the man...

  • Hayley Rodgers

    Might be troll, but..

    1: that wasn't even a swerve, that was a nice straight line right into the water.

    2: Not a lake, a lagoon, and even if you weren't familiar with the area, you would very quickly realize the water is too shallow and that you were in no harm of drowning.

    At best the guy was day dreaming, but the facts are pointing elsewhere.

  • painweaver

    how is this guy filming from the other side of the median going the same direction as the Bugatti?

  • Hayley Rodgers

    Because the Bugatti is on a two way side road and the guy filming is on a freeway/highway

  • This_Update_Sucks

    It's ok those cars are overrated anyway.

  • Azariel_z

    That is Correct! That is Correct!!

  • jabbawok

    They should send his ass to jail for destroying a piece of automotive art. It's a criminal waste of a beautiful piece of engineering.

  • barrett daniel

    He's going to "trail" for insurance fraud? Which trail?

  • Guest

    It would look a bit more realistic if he tried swerving a bit with the car, giving that illusion of loosing control.

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