Beetles Wearing Jurassic Park Character Costumes

December 15, 2011


Because sometimes people actually follow through with the ideas they come up with when they're high out of their f***ing minds, Etsy seller EBPearce is selling these beetles dressed up as characters from Jurassic Park. Unfortunately, there wasn't one in a velociraptor costume. No bueno! Oooh oooh -- what did one beetle dressed like a Jurassic Park character say to the other beetle dressed like a Jurassic Park character? "F*** this is so demeaning." Jesus, what else IS there to say?

Hit the jump for three more beetles really wishing they were born dung-rollers instead.




EBPearce's Etsy Page
Giant Beetles In "Jurassic Park" Costumes [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Dough, who once sewed a pair of pants for a spider but only made six leg-holes so the spider crawled in his mouth at night and bit his tonsils to spite him. FUUUUUUUUUU.

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