Beauty & The (Mechanical) Beast: Disney Steampunk

December 19, 2011


This is a series of steampunk Disney characters by DeviantARTist MecaniqueFairy. Now there's been some argument about whether they're actually steampunk or not, but if you're spending your time arguing whether something is steampunk or Neo-Victorian, well, that's probably the saddest thing I've heard all day. God, go crash a holiday party or something, shit! Per the artist:

Recently I received a note telling me that my disney steampunk should not bear the term "steampunk", because steampunk is first and above all the concept of steam power to achieve modern levels of technology, not corsets, gears and goggles.

I apologize to those I have insulted when I calling my fanarts Steampunk, but personally I love them! Maybe my costumes are not 100% steam power, but they are largely inspired by this style. I believe there are hundreds of ways to interpret a style and my disney fanarts are my interpretation of steampunk.

Look at that -- this poor girl actually had to defend herself from a deluge of "this isn't steampunk, dummy!" comments. That's the problem with the internet -- the people. "Even me?" You're one of the worst! You'll read Geekologie every damn day and still call me a brillo-tit dumpcharmer in the comments. I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!

Hit the jump for a whole bunch more of the nobody cares about your professional opinion on steampunk. The fact that you even consider your opinion professional already speaks volumes.











MecaniqueFairy's DeviantART Page
Wonderful World Of Disney Steampunk [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Lisa, who just made me realize how many tips I've been getting from the ladies lately. Where are all the guys' tips at? "We stopped because you always make fun of us in the shoutouts." But you deserve it!

  • Hellhawk5000

    I don't care what you call it, 
    MecaniqueFairy is very talented in her art work. Anyone bitching that it's not steampunk is jealous they can't do better.

  • People like to argue over the dumbest things. These are awesome. I especially like the Nightmare Before Christmas one.

  • kengao1989

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  • oh jeez. as if those iphones covered in thrift store electonics pieces run on steam power...

  • OrehRatiug

    What are you guys? Hipsters of the geek world?

  • RIGHT?!?!?

  • That's it.  Done.  Steampunk has officially jumped the shark.  We all knew its time was coming, we suspected that it was trying to hang on too long, we didn't have the heart to tell our friends that their Steampunk cosplay was no longer "Geek"; but here it is the end of an era.  Steampunk, its been a nice romp, we both had some fun, we came away from this without any diseases, but now its time to go our separate ways.

    Until the return of Captain Mal.

  • Where have you been?!? Steampunk jumped the shark in 2007. At the very least you should have gotten the angst out of your system when Disney itself actually produced a Steampunk Mickey Mouse pin set over a year ago.

  • dwfrydendall

    Sick to goddamn death of steampunk. Steampunk starwars, steampunk disney...ghost waft said it best... 

  • Steampunk so dumb :(

    I'll make everything look like that crappy Will Smith giant spider fight, thats cool! Insert lisp, overbreathing from walking to get a donut, etc...

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    Make fun of Wild West all you want, but Steam Punk is older than that movie, so don't judge it on something that came after it.

  • The man under Mulan is a fair guy from Hunchback of Notre Dame

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers


  • Shea Wheeler

    You spelled Beauty wrong.

  • thats awesome, who is the guy under mulan?

  • Not steampunk?  Add some copper shit.  Okay, steampunk!

  • Stephen Dias


  • First!

    You the man, GW!

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