Awesome Minimalistic X-Men Character Posters

December 1, 2011


This is a series of minimalistic X-Men posters by artist Nicholas Hyde. These and a bunch of other geeky/pop-culture posters (you can see Harry Potter and LOTR after the jump) are available for sale over at Nicholas' Etsy store if you're interested. My love? My love is not for sale. My soul, yes, but you'll have to bargain with the devil for that one. I traded it to him for the sexual prowess of a tiger! Which, fun fact: JUST AN OLD WIVES' TALE. But did he tell me that? Noooooooo, he's always gotta be the little f***ing bargain hunter. Up yours, Satin! (he hates it when you call him that)

Hit the jump for his Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings posters and a link to the Etsy page.





Nicholas' Etsy Store

  • Martin Lewis

    These are terrible, when a much much much better version of the so called 'minimalistic' Marvel posters have been floating around;
    Makes you wonder how these versions were even allowed to surface to gain any acknowledgement. 

  • Lynne Yoshii

    The hands on the Rogue poster were taken form my art from my deviantArt page. I DID NOT give him permission.

  • Guest

    I want need the Lord of the Rings ones. All of them.

  • Seb McLauchlan

    these are terrible... im sorry.

  • Nathan Klassen

    Count the rings- they're all there (3 for the elves, 7 for the dwarves, 9 for men, and one to rule them all). that's awesome.

  • jaime_arg

    You're doing it wrong. You're not supposed to say what each one is, boy!

  • Peter Schmidt

    This is hardly minimalistic.

  • The X-Men posters would have looked better (and more minimalistic) without the writing.  I love all the other ones though.

  • Jimmy_69

    So Ice Man is Scottish now?

  • AdamCoates

    And Rogue is Jamaican.

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