Autonomous Quadrocopters Build 20-Foot Tower

December 5, 2011


In news that can only be described as bad, a group of autonomous quadrocopters at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have successfully built a 20-foot tower out of foam blocks. *adding Switzerland to shit list* Neutral my ass! But seriously, I want you to think about this for a second: autonomous robots are building things on their own. Do you know how hard it is to build something? One year I tried to build a birdhouse but the roof caved in and killed a family of cardinals. Kidding, there was no roof because I accidentally glued it to my leg. My point is this: robots are building things and BUILDING things is much harder than DESTROYING things. You do the math. "12 x 12 = 124" Okaaaaaaay, one more guess but this time time use your phone's calculator.

Hit the jump for some brick-laying in action.

Quadrotors Build a Building [technabob]

Thanks to bruce, HackTheGibson and Juan-xo, who've already started building trebuchets.

  • Justice Law

    So the robots like building small scale replicas of the Roman Colosseum (a taller one) eh? Well, I build a 2 foot scale replica of a real hill using dirt and saliva. Who's better now!?

  • Mighty Molecule

    ...always wondered what the inside of the black mesa research facility looked like...

  • Jeffrey Hardy

    ok they can build it but what happens when we try to take it down?

  • colin twigg

    In a years time an article will read "a colony of quadrocopters build a 200ft tower out of human skulls"
    Will these guys ever learn!?
    Robots will kill us all!

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