Another Day, Another Earth-Like Planet Discovered

December 6, 2011


Using NASA's Kepler Space Telescope, astronomers recently discovered an earth-like planet orbiting a sun-like star they believe is a promising candidate for life outside our solar system. Not if I have anything to do with it. Quick -- to the Death Star! "100% fictional." Shit!

I think there are two things that are really exciting about Kepler-22b," said Natalie Batalha, the deputy science team lead at Ames. "One is that it's right in the middle of this habitable zone.

"The second thing that's really exciting is it's orbiting a star very, very similar to our own sun. This is a solar analogue, almost a solar twin, very similar to our own sun and you've got a planet 2.4 times the size of the Earth right smack in the habitable zone."

Plus it's only 600-light years away. That's practically a trip across the street if you're immortal! Oooooooooor a million billion forevers if you're human. Now drink your Kool-Aid -- we'll be there in no time.

Earth-like planet found in distant sun's habitable zone [cnet]

Thanks to Drifter, daniel and P-nuts, who agree it would take at least four million Taco Bells and another million Taco Bell/Pizza Hut combos to make the trip bearable.

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