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December 22, 2011


Remember the video of the bearded dragon playing Ant Crusher on a smartphone? How could you forget, that was just...last Thursday? No clue, I'm bad with dates (I once called a girl fat at dinner!) and have a serious alcohol problem. Well here to prove amphibians are every bit the gamers that reptiles are, comes an African bullfrog trying to beat the lizard's score. not go as planned. Like the ancient Chinese proverb (and not the bible verse like so many people think) goes, "teach a frog to ant, and you feed him for a day. But trick a frog to ant, and he'll bite your f***ing finger. HARD. Make you scream and drop the camera."

Hit the jump for the I hope you learned your lesson.

Live Frog Playing 'Ant Crusher' with Surprise Thumb Attack [obviouswinner]

Thanks to TS, who claims his crested gecko can beat any animal at Ant Crusher but he's a habitual liar and you and both know there is no gecko. And to cos5000, Mike and Weaselmouse, who beat high scores blindfolded but only if there's enough room to peep out the bottom.

  • Wow! That's very nice.

  • Laurent Maulin

    I also liked it when the frgo got bored and grasped that it was actually a fake thing lool love it :) HTC M4

  • PBX

    This is cool!

  • sdghie

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  • JJtoob


  • I loved the ending. After he didn't bite his finger the first time he touched the screen, I was really not expecting that hehe.

  • I was wrong this is the best thing you ever posted ever!

  • zeldasbff

    hahaha he makes the peter griffin noises when the frog bites his hand.

  • weaselmouse

    It's been over 24 hours and I still can't stop watching it. I'm mesmerized by the pissed little fucker... Serves the dude right. Too bad the bearded dragon hadn't the same wit.

  • my whites tree frog bit one and said fuck this and jumped away

  • This_Update_Sucks

    NERD RAGE!!!

  • Ragnogroth

    Even though they don't have teeth, they still have teeth-like projections in the lower jaw that could cause some damage :) He's probably bleeding.

  • weaselmouse

    I've been bitten by a bullfrog before. It fucking HURTS. The same bullfrog ate my gecko :-( I told my dumbass brother not to put them in the same terrarium together...

  • the lizard is a better gamer!!! XD

  • I liked the part where the frog gets pissed about the fake bugs and bites the dude.

  • Aky Nya


    Charlie bites my finger aghhhh

  • Alexander0178


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