Yoda Advertising Ramen Noodles In Japan

November 21, 2011


Because 900-year old Jedi masters can't survive on Dagobah swamp stew and dragonlizard dicks alone, here's Yoda in a Japanese advertisement for Nissin Cup Noodles. I'm not really sure what the relationship between Yoda and ramen is supposed to be, but my guess is a sexual one. You suck ass, George!

Hit the jump for the great, now I'm hungry.

Yoda is selling Cup Noodles in Japan [io9]

Thanks to Marie, who picks all the dehydrated corn kernels out of the cup before adding the boiling water and eats them dry. YOU TOO?!

  • As a fan of Ramen nooldes myself...this is definitely an interesting battle!

  • the cro-magnons

  • Joshua Maffe

    does anyone else feel the need to "BOIL JAPAN"

  • Emmitt Morgans

    You're about 66 years late, dude...

    ...too soon?

  • Azariel_z

    Pretty cool Soundtrack..better than Prequels..

  • Reminds me of the time you said at least six of my fifty chicken nuggets was definitely breaded chicken dicks!

    You the man, GW!

  • Duane Drew

    that looked amazing and makes me wonder how close lucas is to actually having special effects that can look this good yet cheap enough for tv. then again im sure cup noodle paid out that asteroid(PUN!) for this thing

  • Emmitt Morgans

    That shot makes it look like the effects in this commercial are INFINITELY better than CG Yoda throughout all of the Prequel Trilogy... I mean he looks like an old Asian man and not like the puppet Yoda, but quite impressive!

    Also, you down there with the last name Zuniga, I'd think you'd go for the Schwartz reference... what with obviously being related to Daphne Zuniga and all...

    ...I liked the comments on Geekologie when they were somewhat anonymous.... booo to actually logging in!!!

  • May the Forks be with you.

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