Yeah You Did: Star Wars Themed Engagement Photos

November 21, 2011


"For two dudes, right?"

This is a series of Star Wars themed engagement photos taken by dual first-namer Michael James for a Star Wars-loving couple. As you can see, the groom is some kind of Jedi and the bride is some sort of Sith. Me? I'm some sort of love-making machine. Kidding, I'm a hotel ice machine. *GRUMBLE GRUMBLE*

The couple approached me about their engagement shoot, wanting something a little more traditional (suit, tie, dress, etc.) on the beach, but as we talked, we figured out that while I'm more of a Trekkie, their love of all things Star Wars totally surpassed my love of Star Trek. So we incorporated their ideas into the shoot. I didn't think the bride-to-be would actually wear the make-up, but she seriously showed her true colors and went for it. In fact, they were late because she didn't know if she could go outside of her house with the make-up on, but I'm glad she did. It totally made the pictures.

The shoot was shot in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Mountain bikers and hikers passed us and everyone thought it was great.

Congratulations, guys. You know what they say -- a couple that gets geeky engagement photos taken, Canadian bacon. "Nobody's ever said that." Never pee on Hoth or your shlong'll freeze and break off?

Hit the jump for more and a link to the photographer's blog with the entire set.







Star Wars Engagement Shoot [michaeljamesphotostudio]
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Thanks to Timbo, who had a cowboy themed birthday growing up. I'm jelly!

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