WTF Is He On?: Squirrel With a Lightsaber

November 14, 2011


This is a video of a squirrel going nuts(!) with a little lightsaber. One second he's all calm and the next he's doing like thirty backflips and running up a tree. Now I'm not saying he's definitely on something, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Jedi Council found out he submitted chipmunk urine for his drug test.

Hit the jump for why you should never give an animal a lightsaber.


Thanks to Bryan, the man who made the video, who needs to cinch his belt a little tighter next time. I SAW YOUR UNDERWEAR, BRYAN.

  • hahahahahaha

  • SlowMonkey

    I can't believe that Nerd would actually put glue on that device for the sake of a stupid video. That is nowhere near as funny as putting masking tape on the bottom of a kitten's paw.

  • Guest

    lightsaber squirrel is tooooooooooooooo cute

  • Tomer Maimoni


    the new design for this site that is.
    the pampering of that tail could mean the squirrel is gay as well...

  • jaime_arg

    Still testing out the new format? Why are some posts cut and some full?

  • Geigh

    Please, nerds, stop making YouTube videos.

  • Fake.  

  • Lol Jedi "Squirls" - it's SQUI-RR-EL.


    awesome 1st!!!!

  • Joseph McGuire

    What's next? Jedi whores?

  • Kat Danvers

    Retarded much?

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