WTF!: Giant Alien Skull Unearthed In Peru

November 18, 2011


If eyes really are the windows to the soul YOU'VE GOT TWO GIANT GAPING HOLES IN THE SIDE OF YOUR HOUSE BRO.

These are the mummified remains of an alien found in Peru. Sure you might think they're just the remains of a person born with a really unfortunate dome, but no, they're from an alien. Spanish and Russian doctors agree, yo. You can't argue with that level of international consensus!

Website RPP is claiming that Renato Davila Riquelme, an anthropologist working at the Privado Ritos Andinos museum in Cusco, has discovered remains of something that isn't human. Measuring at 20 inches tall, the tiny remains were originally believed to be that of a child, but Spanish and Russian doctors disagree, saying:

"It has a non-human appearance because the head is triangular and big, almost the same size as the body. At first we believed it to be a child's body until Spanish and Russian doctors came and confirmed that, yes, it's an extraterrestrial being.

Now I'm not saying these "doctors" should probably lose their licenses for sucking at their jobs, but do you really want surgery performed by somebody who can't tell an asshole from an elbow? "Well, GW, the good news is we were able to successfully remove the tumor from your leg." And the bad news?! "We took your penis first by accident." WHAT?! "Aaaaaaaaand sewed your butthole closed." But I'll explode!

Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures of the not-so-crystal skull.





Triangle-Headed Alien Mummy discovered in Peru -- we're not alone! [io9]
Mysterious, triangle-shaped 'alien skull' found in Peru [yahoonews]

Thanks to Melissa, who's found more convincing alien skulls in the dumpster behind the butcher's department at the grocery store.

  • Jp De Villiers

    So the soldiers in red in London with the big black hats are aliens...I KNEW IT

  • Thank you from Spain & Russia for your nice words.

  • Phan Thanh

    What in the world is that thing?  That’s what scientists are asking after stumbling upon a seemingly alien skull in Peru.

  • Azariel_z

    head binding... another one, pass!!

  • petitemorte

    It is Beavis.

  • the trash man p.s. someone pass this to the history channel as well by the way, they keep airing that ancient aliens program

  • the trash man

    lets be real geekologists here and do the research.

  • Guest

    This fella was really not a hat person...ah this homosapien's DNA has fgot to be wicked crazy.

  • amosgreig

    This reminds me of some of the research carried out into skull binding practices within the Hunnic peoples. Several dozen bodies were found like this all with elongated and sometimes triangular heads, some even had teeth sharpened.Archaeologists reckoned it was some form of ritualistic behavior. Most of the remains were children but there were some adults as well.

  • scsunurse85

    Stop right there, Alien?? nope sorry hate to burst the bubble but actually this is a baby that died from artificial cranial deformation and was mumafied. Case in point, "Artificial cranial deformation in newborns in the pre-Columbian Andes" "Abstract Introduction: Artificial deformation of the neonatal cranial vault is one form of permanent alteration of the body that has been performed by the human being from the beginning of history as a way of differentiating from others. These
    procedures have been observed on all continents, although it became widespread practice among the aborigines who lived in the Andean region of South America."

  • how in the f did these doctors get through med school? its def the skull of a child suffering from hydrozephalus (the eye sockets are often in such a fucked up ratio) otherwise artifical cranial deformation as mentioned abovesies

  • indiana jones must've forgot to return this one

  • The Chadwick

    A bound skull.   I knew this since I was a child, learned about it in school.  What does this say about these scientists.  And larger eye sockets, give me a break, some humans have larger eyes sockets, some smaller, some average, does not mean they would have huge eyes because the sockets are large.

    Two pictures on the bottom right, with larger eye sockets.  

  • zhangaa

    So much hype! Does anyone remember what John F. Kennedy
    had to say about the iPhone 5 Craze:http://www.proxy4biz.c...

  • Skulls similar to this have been found in egypt as well, which made scientist believe that aliens came and blah blah buttfucked humans blah blah, basically it was head binding used to worship and make themselves resemble these "extraterrestrial gods". Nothing new here its been discussed for years. There was actually just recently an episode of "Ancient Aliens" that came on the history channel the other day about this very thing.

  • and the comment order is weird. hmm. 

  • You know what they say about aliens with large skulls...

  • they have mini tongue aliens with smaller similar skulls 

  • Joseph Fioramonti


  • Steve Rice

    Last picture looks like an atropal

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