WTF Did I Just Watch?: Jian Sword Dancing

November 3, 2011


Napolean Dynamite deleted scenes.

This is a video of a girl with a jian sword and her brother/lover from the same mother with a butterfly knife (plus sweet haircut!) "dancing" while their grandma sips a Budweiser and watches her grandchildren almost stab the butterball of a family dog. That's...pretty much all there is to say. Except -- EXCEPT -- is the girl single? The one with the shades.

Hit the jump for a minute and a half of Ninja Turtle tryouts.


Thanks to Kaiber, Lauren and Thaylor, who agree rule one of sword dancing should be "never near pets".

  • Earl Hoover
    hahah i've watched this major lazer music video like 50 times this year. i'm pretty sure it was filmed by them too because diplo is in the original

  • Jonathan Waugh

    I love the grandma with the beer

  • kinbana

    ...cant stop watching this

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