Why You Do That?: Guy Starts A Fire In His Mouth

November 17, 2011


This is a video of some nutjob starting a fire in his mouth using some sort of magic powder. Then, after he gets it going, some other dude uses it to light a cigarette and musters the best "I'm cool" look he can FOR A GUY WHO JUST LIT A CIGARETTE FROM ANOTHER DUDE'S BURNING MOUTH. That doesn't make you cool, bro. Now flamethrowing nips -- THOSE would make you cool. And me hot. Get it? Because you melted my face off when I swooped in for a motorboat!

Hit the jump for the WTF'ery in action.

Seeing a Smoke and Fire Breathing Human Is So Wrong [gizmodo]

Thanks to Erik, who agrees brobro should probably leave fire-breathing to the dragons.

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