Where's Zelda?: Giant Triforce Snow Sculpture

November 29, 2011


This is a giant triforce sculpture carved out of the side of a mountain snow (I just looked for the first time). It was created by the two beer-swigging goons in the picture, both of whom look suspiciously like guys I went to high school with that made fun of me for playing Magic: The Gathering during lunch. A couple things: 1. why is there shit on the ground under the triforce and 2. does it belong to the leprechaun hiding in the streetlamp in the background? Hoho, thought I wouldn't recognize you, did you, little green man?! Too bad I memorized THE AMATEUR SKETCH! *cocking bb gun* Don't make me rent a backhoe.

Legend of Zelda Triforce Snow Sculpture For Your Winters [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Terry, who's not only eaten yellow snow, but white snow with a brown dog surprise inside. Haha, now you probably have worms!

  • Haha.. I love the leprechaun reference.. keen eye, but you prolly photoshopped that shizzle in just to make a joke. You're a seedy one, GW I just don't trust you..

    Still, I just wanna know where da gold at!

  • diCk McMaster

    thats a small triforce to hand ratio

  • They should be holding ocarinas instead of beers. On a side note, what's the correct plural of "ocarina"? "Ocarinas"? "Ocarini"?

  • diCk McMaster
  • I'm just glad their beer-fueled creative minds didn't think to use "natural methods" to give the Triforce its usual golden glow.

  • Corey Gunter


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