When Worlds Collide: Star Trek Watching Star Wars

November 18, 2011


This is a hacked together video of the Enterprise crew from Star Trek: The Next Generation watching the original Star Wars. They...seem to like it. You think it would be the same way if it were Star Wars characters watching Star Trek? No way -- Han Solo would never watch The Next Generation! Would you, Han? Han? "Where's your sister, kid?" OH NO -- YOU'RE NOT MAKING OUT WITH HER AGAIN. "Come on, just tell me." YOU CALLED HER A WOOKIE, HAN! "And?" And give me a kiss on the lips and I'll tell you.

Hit the jump for the video.

ST:TNG crew watches Star Wars Episode IV [reddit]

Thanks to Barem, who agrees he'd rather go blind than be forced to sit through a movie with that chatty Cathy C-3PO.

  • Azariel_z

    William Wheaaaattooooooonnnnn!!!!!!!

  • Ninja ninja

    ya i think this has been around for a while

  • zhangaa

    So much hype! Does anyone remember what John F. Kennedy
    had to say about the iPhone 5 Craze:http://www.proxy4biz.c...

  • Kenlin Bros

    Also, everyone knows X-Wings have a hyperdrive. It's one of the reasons they need an astromech.

  • yodamaster

    capable of sub-light travel only... followed by accelerating to warp 5... umm isn't warp the speed of light?  flawed clip

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