What One Day's Worth Of Flickr Uploads Printed Out And Scattered All Over The Floor Looks Like

November 15, 2011


This is what one day of Flickr uploads -- over a million photos -- looks like printed out and piled all over the floor of an art gallery. It's...a mess. If this were my bedroom growing up there is ZERO CHANCE I would have gotten dessert with dinner. Some pretentious bullshit:

Speaking to Creative Review, [artist Erik] Kessels says that "We're exposed to an overload of images nowadays" and that "This glut is in large part the result of image-sharing sites like Flickr, networking sites like Facebook, and picture-based search engines. Their content mingles public and private, with the very personal being openly and unselfconsciously displayed. By printing all the images uploaded in a 24-hour period, I visualize the feeling of drowning in representations of other peoples' experiences."

Not gonna lie, I didn't really get the whole "visualization of drowning in representations of other peoples' experiences" thing. What I DID get was a giant f***ing waste of photo paper. Smooth move, Erik. Those could've been nudes!

Hit the jump for several more shots.





Gallery: what one million printed photos look like (in a big pile) [dvice]

  • Mighty Molecule

    ...the amount of photography copyright infringement seen here is somewhere between surreal and legendary, could do a piece on all the lawsuits that should arise from this with subpoena notices replacing all the photos. besides, flickr/deviart is for nudists with cameras that have way too much time to spend on cs5.5 and a penchant for foliage basked by a sunset photography...oh wait, that's instagram kids too...

  • I now have to drown in this guy's visual representation of his experiences. 

  • Gloomfrost

    That's an arsonists dream!

  • o_oli

    The shape of the pile clearly shows that there is an underlying structure to this. They probably estimated the volume of the photos then just made it look like they bothered to print them all, but actually didn't, because that would have cost tens of thousands for something that would never be seen. 

  • Guest

    It looks a lot safer to jump in than a room full of gold coins. 

  • $18889437

    most things labeled "art" are crap in my opinion.

  • Rick, if you went to art college, surely you would know that Duchamps' fountain was a critique of art itself. He was a nihilist and genuinely believed many of his works had destroyed the essence of art, that there was nothing more to be explored.

    Because of technology and the ease of reproduction, art has naturally seen a shift from the aesthetic to the conceptual. In my opinion art is currently about pushing the boundaries of creativity. Some works prosper, some works fail, but unless you put the time in to understand the works conception you're never going to get anything out of it. It doesn't help making brash generalizations...

  • Rick_McRockock... We agree with you. Look up some of Yoko Ono's early exhibits if you want support of your argument.

    Look up Pewlpit if you want proof that we've supported you, featuring your opinion as the lead to this story.

  • That's because you're an insensate and shallow moron. You know, like the rest of the society that raised you. 

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