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November 9, 2011


Apparently a crap ton of you are more sensitive to light than we had realized and the white background has caused permanent damage to your retinas. Well we've heard the cries from your darkened caves, and we're working on a dark-themed version of the site. We also shrunk the posts on the home page to reduce the scroll and load times of the giant images. Unfortunately, we had to switch to the Disqus commenting system to cut down on the spam. We know a lot of you aren't fans of having to sign up through a third party system, but it was becoming too much of a hassle dealing with all the ass clowns trying to pimp their interracial dating sites or whatever. Plus you can use your same login over at our sibling site I Watch Stuff. Why not stop by and say hello. They're so lonely over there. Here's a good place to start if you're a fan of boobs.

If you've got any other comments or suggestions leave them in here and we'll see what we can do about them. Assuming we're not too busy crying in the corner because, seriously, some of you guys are pretty damn mean.

  • Heidi Schulz

    "we"?? Come on, everyone knows it's just one lonely man and an addiction that are the driving force behind this website.

  • Lee McMillan

    oh thank god you're getting rid of this clinical looking ass-crack-ery, this page is meant to be a safe place full of mirth, random nerd/gadget/geekness peppered with genuinely fascinating articles - I have learnt to associate all with darkness. Please turn down the lights, besides my gf isn't impressed with the brightness keeping her awake during my insomnia induced Geekologie trawls.

  • Kate

    I definitely thought I had gone to the wrong website at first....haaa

  • Nathan Oakes

    My eeeeyes!!  They're still bleeding!   Anyway, any word on the new site getting its nighttime remake?

  • Bitter asshole

    Bummer, i like how it looks now. :(
    Black on white is much easier to read than white on black...

  • tchekhov

    ever heard that white background on the computer, does not help environment ? White burn too much Co2.

    True story

  • I'm glad that this website listens to it's reader's input and makes adjustments based on it.  That way it doesn't end up looking as shit as Gizmodo does now.

  • Ruth Beaty

    Any chance of you also making it so we can get Geek through email, while you're at it? I don't get here as often as I like and catching you in my email would be great!

  • The fact that you're actually even considering what we have to say automatically makes you one of the most friendly, comforting  site admin/writer/owner/whatever that I have even known. And I'm sure the same goes for many others posting.

    So many a time has a website of such great value undergone drastic changes; and then have it's community's expression of criticism be outright ignored. It's this kind of user recognition that keeps people coming back. So yea, sorry for that awful email I sent you. I was mad. But now I truly see....

    I've read through all the comments up to this point, and I've found the longer, formatted comments seem to have the most value. I personally agree with making the site up to resemble as much of the old as it can. This whole 3rd party login thing, the juxtaposition of the advertisements, collapsing posts, this "Read More->" crap; and the white- oh boy... It's just.. too much at once. Someone mentioned a gradual introduction of changes would have been more of an internet-savvy approach, and I'd have to agree with that statement. Someone else said the site has too many options of navigation- to the point where it's confusing- and I'd agree to that too.

    Geekologie had that authentic "bloggy" feel.. Now it's like some ad campaign Facebook ripoff or something... It's not the same. It detracts from your writing, which could arguably be considered the best part of this site. We want more of you, GW. Not some layout that looks like it was made by a 14 year old on freewebs.

  • KittAlpha

    Was never bothered about the colour change or login thing. My fave things were being able to scroll through most of the stories without a click through and that the "Filed under" bit was visible at the top of the post because they were so funny. The site is now at least 34.5% less funny on the front page.

    I run a successful site and when you work super hard on a new version only to have everyone moan that it's not identical to before it's so disheartening. I'm sure you've made loads of back office changes that are super useful and front shop stuff that we'll all find we can't do without over time but you can't stick with things that make the site less funny just because it took a lot of work to develop.

    Thanks for listening and for years of brilliantly funny, entertaining and informative... junk.

  • Mighty Molecule

    well, i was combining online identities anyway...i suppose it's about time those nefarious "emptyaddy" and other unmentionables posts from 1994 come back to haunt me, though i enjoyed knowing people who didn't know they were reading my rants in unexpected places. ego shattered. 

    however, is turning 10 spam posts for your sister's $79.99 iPad 2 into 2 spam posts really worth a disqus metabank of accountability the feds own the vault key to? just sayin' especially with all the embedding going on holy balls...

    also, let apple do apple and facebook do facebook. changing the aesthetics just for the sake of change to retain interest doesn't replace the typical solid geek posts which are surprisingly easier to disregard with the new format. just because one moves to LA doesn't mean you have to be...well, LA.

    finally, IWS owns it's charm to it's loneliness. the fact 2nd gen chan tards aren't posting "first" some 7 years after-the-fact is rather nice. that and i'm basically the only one posting there so my word is zeus, son.

  • Geekologie has gone down ill in the last 2 years since i starting reading it. GW bring back the black and get rid of the suck

  • pyr4ted4ve

    we want to see tags too. they were funny...

  • Ericah Villiesse

    i'm a little confused on why the 'older posts' link is on the left......made more sense when it was on the right

  • kktkkr

    Ican't ase e whatd I'm typindg... so nbright...

  • yeah

  • yeah :)

  • yeah

  • yeah

  • yeah

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