World Of Warcraft Addiction Turned 'Normal' 13-Year Old Into A Raging Hunchback Menace

November 29, 2011


A mom in Australia is asking the internet for help after a two-year addiction to World of Warcraft has turned her "normal" sports-loving son into a school-skipping, hole-in-the-wall punching rage machine that she's afraid to even stand up to because he's bigger than her. *whipping belt off* Point me at him.

She says the boy, who is bigger than she is, missed most of his schooling this year and most of last year as well. She's tried talking to him, can't physically move him because he outweighs her, and has even gotten the school and police involved.

"We have spoken to the school and they have spoken to him but he is not worried about it at all," she writes. "We have called the police because he gets aggressive when you take the computer away.

You know what the answer is? Live action role playing. Kidding, you just need to date a guy who'll whip this kid's ass if he acts up. Listen Quasimodo -- no more Warcraft. And if you even think of disrespecting your mother again she and I are gonna have loud sex with the door open IN YOUR ROOM. Now, go hang from the jungle gym for an hour and see if you can't work that hunch out of your back -- you look like a got-damn troll.

Mother Says World of Warcraft Turned Her Child Into Aggressive School-Skipping Hunchback [kotaku]

Thanks to Ponyo (YES!) and chris c., who agree no parent should be afraid of their own child unless they were born with magic powers in which case said parent probably banged a wizard and should've known what they were getting themselves into.

  • dingusthemonique

    obviously there is no father, that is probably what he is escaping from or causing the root of the problem.

  • Brandon

    you want him to stop playing WoW?  Give the world his server and character names.  He'll be done playing in no time.

  • SleepingStars

    And she hasn't cancelled his WoW subscription because...?

  • show him league of legends or skyrim

  • As an ex wow player my self, Yes the game is addicting. However as we all know its not the games fault this kid has problems. I am guessing something in his life is fucked up so he escapes into fantasy ;ike many others do, he just doesnt know about moderation and or he's to young to care about the negative side affects of non stop gaming.

  • Had I copped an attitude like that when I was his age, especially over a video game, I would have become intimately acquainted with the nuances of a level 99 war belt enchanted to punish. This is the type of stuff that happens when parents don't/aren't allowed to discipline their kids. Ridiculous.

  • Guest

    hrmm...she can simply not pay the internet bill, if the mum doesn't need it. Then again the joke is on the kid if he doesn't get the education and proper respect for people. Enjoy flipping those burgers in the future...that's if he is lucky to get a job.

  • Post_Nazi

    I think the key to this argument is whether or not WoW is the hero of the day, here. I doubt WoW turned him into this, it was probably his newly found raging hormones from adolescence. If anything, WoW is stopping this monster from plaguing his classmates and bullying the rest of the world. The mother f'd up far before he started playing a video game.

  • n11

    What the hell are you talking about? Did you read the part where he was a *normal* kid, *until* he started playing WOW? World of Warcraft is obviously the cause here, I don't know how you're trying to place the blame on the mother, you should dunk your asshole head into a bucket of cold water for an hour and then try and think again.

  • Wow....because as an ADULT the mom has no responsiblity towards her son, a MINOR. Also note you cannot accept the WoW's ToS if you are under 13 so she's at fault there since the kids been playing for two years.. Also how is he getting the money to a. pay the monthly fee, b. pay for the internet, c. for a computer. Mom's fault not WoW's. And yes I am a MMO playing for the past 15 years and my kids play as well. If they coped this attitude to me or my ex wife, there would be no more games PERIOD! 

  • Sarah Colliss

    All they need is for the cops to shoot him! Australia
    really needs to give out cops more power. Shoot the little prick than warn him
    you will do it again!!! Australian parenting philosophy

  • Yes, WoW is to blame. Not the spineless parent who doesn't understand the basic concept of disciplining her own child. It's NEVER their fault.

    "But... I can't take the game away! He'll be mad at me!"

  • Name not given

    Normally I'd agree, but she can't PHYSICALLY do anything because her son is bigger and stronger than her.  She tried involving the school and the police, and those failed.

    I gotta wonder: do they have a military academy to which she could send her son?  I betcha that'd whip that technophile into shape.

  • Monique Gerhardt

    ^ That is a lame excuse to blame WoW. Just because she can't physically do anything doesn't mean she cannot do anything. She should have raised him to respect her and be obedient to the point where she doesn't have to call cops on him to get him to go to school. She is also the one paying for it, she can decline all transactions until he behaves better. I play Wow, i'm fourteen, but I know when to stop and I know if my mother is telling me to get off to do studies I listen. WoW is simply not the problem. It is the child and his mother.

  • Shhsh

    OK, seriously? REALITY CHECK!! Don't pay for his damned subscription & take his computer away! 

  • rikster81

    send him to juville for a while or some community work, help the homeless or something dont beat just yet.

  • Charl0

    Seriously, who can spend more than a month in WOW? There is no fucking content, you get to lvl 85 in two weeks, and then, tier 11 in another.

  • For those of us with a JOB and a Girlfreind (you know, those mythical creatures with breasts IRL) It takes a lot longer than that to level and explore the content.

  • Charl0

    Well, then they won't spend two years and skip obligations over WOW. Just to clarify, I don't play the game, I find it dissgustingly boring.

  • Monique Gerhardt

    You're assuming all players spend all their time on it and skip obligations. 

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