World Of Warcraft Addiction Turned 'Normal' 13-Year Old Into A Raging Hunchback Menace

November 29, 2011


A mom in Australia is asking the internet for help after a two-year addiction to World of Warcraft has turned her "normal" sports-loving son into a school-skipping, hole-in-the-wall punching rage machine that she's afraid to even stand up to because he's bigger than her. *whipping belt off* Point me at him.

She says the boy, who is bigger than she is, missed most of his schooling this year and most of last year as well. She's tried talking to him, can't physically move him because he outweighs her, and has even gotten the school and police involved.

"We have spoken to the school and they have spoken to him but he is not worried about it at all," she writes. "We have called the police because he gets aggressive when you take the computer away.

You know what the answer is? Live action role playing. Kidding, you just need to date a guy who'll whip this kid's ass if he acts up. Listen Quasimodo -- no more Warcraft. And if you even think of disrespecting your mother again she and I are gonna have loud sex with the door open IN YOUR ROOM. Now, go hang from the jungle gym for an hour and see if you can't work that hunch out of your back -- you look like a got-damn troll.

Mother Says World of Warcraft Turned Her Child Into Aggressive School-Skipping Hunchback [kotaku]

Thanks to Ponyo (YES!) and chris c., who agree no parent should be afraid of their own child unless they were born with magic powers in which case said parent probably banged a wizard and should've known what they were getting themselves into.

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