WANT: Assassin's Creed 'Monteriggioni' Hoodie

November 10, 2011

Guy: I AM Ezio Auditore.
Girl: I'm smexy! Is Monteriggioni like macaroni?

When you get right down to, there are very few things I need in the world. The love of a lady with knockers bigger than mine (shit, or smaller -- just no penis) and a cool $10-million and I'd be set. That's only two things -- come on Santa! You fat f***. But the list of things I want, that thing goes on for miles. Nautical ones (they're a little longer!). Aaaaaaand includes this $55 'Monteriggioni' Assassin's Creed hoodie. I actually see a lot of Ezio in myself, you know? Plus every time I walk into a room I visualize how I'd silently stab every one of them without anyone else noticing? Because I do that. Jk jk, but one time I did bust ass and then hold the door closed. *leap-of-faiths off cubicle divider*

Hit the jump for closeups.



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Ridiculously Awesome Assassins Creed Monteriggioni Hoodies Now Available For Pre-Order [fashionablygeek]

Thanks to cj, who once saw me leap-of-faith off a bedpost into a pile of pillows and I STILL sprained a wrist. You, uh, you were impressed though, right?

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