WANT: Assassin's Creed 'Monteriggioni' Hoodie

November 10, 2011

Guy: I AM Ezio Auditore.
Girl: I'm smexy! Is Monteriggioni like macaroni?

When you get right down to, there are very few things I need in the world. The love of a lady with knockers bigger than mine (shit, or smaller -- just no penis) and a cool $10-million and I'd be set. That's only two things -- come on Santa! You fat f***. But the list of things I want, that thing goes on for miles. Nautical ones (they're a little longer!). Aaaaaaand includes this $55 'Monteriggioni' Assassin's Creed hoodie. I actually see a lot of Ezio in myself, you know? Plus every time I walk into a room I visualize how I'd silently stab every one of them without anyone else noticing? Because I do that. Jk jk, but one time I did bust ass and then hold the door closed. *leap-of-faiths off cubicle divider*

Hit the jump for closeups.



Product Site
Ridiculously Awesome Assassins Creed Monteriggioni Hoodies Now Available For Pre-Order [fashionablygeek]

Thanks to cj, who once saw me leap-of-faith off a bedpost into a pile of pillows and I STILL sprained a wrist. You, uh, you were impressed though, right?

  • Miika Långstedt

    If I could just get one without the damned text...

  • Just so you know, these hoodies are now available WORLDWIDE (and delivery is FREE) and, although we've pretty much sold out at the moment, there are still a few left we're getting more stock in very soon - including a new BLACK edition.Also, they're the ONLY official hoodie with an eagle peak that's licensed by the team that made the game :-)

  • Where would we be able to buy them?

  • Im in the US.  Who can help me get me one of these?? :-)

  • Im a girl and if I saw a  guy wearing this, I would be all over him.  The truth is that AC is a fairly popular game among girl gamers such as myself.

  • Steve Taylor

    Unfortunately you can only order these if you have a U.K. or Eire shipping address. Says so on the item's page. Sadness.

  • Samuel Chaabane

    I live in england, you pay it ill ship you one...

  • Brian Viger

    can you do that for me?

  • I love this hoodie. I'd like to have one.

  • Amanda Marrero

    Waddup Duck? |: Err..

    This is okay, just a little retarded.. I still want it though. :D 

  • RDarker

    Mah Niggaroni?

  • I like this 'hood' better - http://tinyurl.com/cuwxzme

  • hey, hey, hey now. i'm a girl and i know who the fuck Ezio Auditore is. and i also damn well know what the fuck Monteriggioni is. so come one now, it is okay to believe that hot girls play video games. i know you think they are like unicorns but yes it does happen.

  • Implying you're a girl/hot.

  • Not bad but I would want something better than a hoodie with a beak sewn on top.

  • ScottNobles

    What I saw in article: blah blah blah.

    What I saw in picture for article: Daaaaaamn.... hot girl!

  • ditto.

  • Were you and I reading different articles?

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