Turning A Dead Relatives Ashes Into Beads

November 16, 2011


I posted about turning a loved one's ashes (or anyone you want to dig up and burn, really) into a diamond back in 2009, so this isn't really a new concept. But death diamonds can cost up to $20K, where as dead body beads will only set you back $870, making them the obvious choice for a relative you only kind of liked.

Bonhyang founder and CEO Bae Jae-yul says the beads allow people to keep their relatives close to them, wherever they go. He also says stored ashes can rot, a claim denied by crematoriums. "Our beads are clean; they don't become moldy and don't go off and smell bad," he says.

Bae uses ultrahigh temperature to melt cremated ashes until they are crystalized and can be turned into beads in a 90-minute process. The colors are mostly blue-green but sometimes pink, purple and black.

Oh man, I wonder what color beads I'd make. My guess is glow-in-the-dark. Speaking of which: if any of you even THINK of digging my body up and burning it to make anal beads I will haunt your ass for life. Literally -- I'll possess it, then make you shit your pants everyday on the drive to work.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the beads.



Ashes to beads: South Koreans try new way to mourn [yahoonews]

Thanks to daniel, who knows a guy who wants his body thrown in the shark tank at the local aquarium while a group of schoolchildren are on a field trip. I like it!

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