Transformer: 1-Pound Rifle Turns Into A Fishing Pole

November 14, 2011


Transform and reel in!

This is the $425 Pack Rifle, a .22 caliber single-shot rifle that turns into a fishing pole in case you're tired of hunting wabbit and wanna grill some fish over the campfire or whatever the hell you outdoorsy types do. Wear flannel and shit in a hole? Count me in. I've always wanted to pretend I was a cat in a litterbox. Actually, I've always wanted to pretend I was a cat period. Well well well -- it looks like Mr. Sleepyhead is finally getting up for the day. No? Just long enough to find a comfier place to nap? God I want to be you. Also, why you need a fishing pole when you have a rifle is beyond me. JUST SHOOT THE FISH. Or -- OR -- just buy them from the grocery store like I do. Jesus, this isn't the Oregon Trail, people.

Product Site
You Won't Need Bait With This Ultralight Rifle Fishing Rod [gizmodo]

Thanks to Martin, who doesn't bring a rifle or fishing pole camping since he discovered dynamite. It really does everything, doesn't it?

  • GW, i,m not sure if your the type of American (I'm guessing here) that supports this type of stuff . I really love your site but this product website has some stuff on it that i feel is pretty wanky.

  • OrehRatiug

    I come to Geekologie to laugh and read comments about people complaining about the background, this is neither, and in fact has ruined my day.

  • Shaun9lives

    Does not approve.  Not because I'm totally against hunting per se, but because shooting a big cat like that with a .22 is only going to wound him, causing unnecessary suffering and likely a slow, painful death.  Not cool. 

  • A sucky rifle tuns into a sucky fishing pole?
    Or is it the other way round?

  • jaime_arg

    EW, you want to be a cat period? That's so disgusting, g-dubs!

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