Thanksgivingless: Pork Pressed Into Shape Of Piglets

November 11, 2011


This is a chunk of pork that's been pressed into the shape of Babe and sold as a 'Mini Piglet'. Presumably to remind you you're eating more than just ground-up assholes.

Pork Molded into a Piglet Is Disgusting and/or Awesome [gizmodo]

Thanks to Barry, who has a hard time eating things that are staring back at him. Really? *drawing eyes on ice cream sandwich* ...You gonna finish that?

  • Guest

    awwww that little piglet looks adorable

  • thats just disturbing...

  • It's actually tofu. I don't know if that makes it better or worse.

  • killer

    found at your local Sams Club

  • petitemorte

    that just makes me... sad...

  • I'd still eat the heck out of that.
    I looove the pork

  • Needs more old Geekologie theme.

  • im with her guy...the new style looks fine

  • Needs more shut the feck up.

  • Guest

    Why do I get the feeling that EpicMealTime will use this product soon?

    hrmm....they should also mold Tofurkey into something like a turkey.

  • EpicMealTime would stuff it with cheese, wrap it in a ton of bacon and stuff it in a large bird, then deep-fry it.


  • Guest

    Speechless at the horror.

  • Luis Cárdenas


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