Thanksgiving Corvette Street Racing Gone Wrong

November 29, 2011


This is a video of two buttholes in C5 and C6 Corvettes trying to race each other off the line at a red light in Texas over the Thanksgiving holiday. SPOILER: It ends with a crash. But it begins and middles with a guy chewing his gum so f***ing loud you'd swear he's trying to see how fast he can make it lose its flavor. God, no wonder nobody wanted to go to the store with you.

Hit the jump for the just because you bought a sports car doesn't make you an experienced racer.

Motorist Captures Drag-Racing Corvettes Crashing on Thanksgiving: 'Knew That Was Coming' [theblaze]

Thanks to Max, who doesn't participate in any races except wheelbarrow ones. Oh come on -- no potato sack?!

  • Totally agree, owning a powerful car doesn't mean that you can race like a professional.

  • Robin Deagle

    "Yup, knew that was comin'."

    Did you, really?

  • CerebralZombie

    Couldn't keep the video going for the epic fight scene?

  • Julio Juarez

    "It's not how you stand by your car, it's how you race your car. You better learn that"
    "Hey, you just can't climb on the ring with Ali because you think you box" "He knows I can box"(smile) "What are you smiling about" "Dude, I almost had you" "You almost had me? You never had me. You never had your car. Granny shifting, not double-clutching like you should""Nice car. What's the retail o one of those?" "More than you can afford, pal" "Smoke him""Yo. You know you owe me a ten second car, right?" "Ouch"Oh, and "If you are not out of control, you are not in control":D and wait until I watch Fast 5.

  • Guest

    Avoid the gum smacking by going to 00:40. :D

  • Lily Staffen

    I was wanting to see what happened after the corvette pulled out from the crash. Why the hell did the guy stop filming? Oh well, it was cool at first >.<

  • Dark Chib

    Oh the cops are in on the scene now!

  • MeggyMonster

    I hope Michael Bay turns this into a movie.


  • I like farts.

  • Good God, people!  EDITING!  This video only needed to be :15 seconds long - why did I have to watch two cars stuck at a light for :30 seconds!?  And then, you stopped recording right after the crash!!?  

    People's Youtube accounts need to be deleted, IMHO.

  • This is why you don't drag race around a bend in a RWD vehicle when you don't know how to drive.

  • vince casey

    Maybe if he didn't flap his gob with his gum i'd would have enjoyed that.

  • Bobbob1212

    Ninja greg sounds like  you were driving one of these cars lol

  • who care they were just chevys

  • Seems like the corvette.
    *puts on glasses*
    Was out of line.


  • Man you crack me up. Your blog actually makes me laugh out loud sometimes. Thank you.

  • Looks like somebody don't know how to handle a rear-wheel drive hehe.

  • JeffreySpur

    there was a slight curve.. muscle car only go strait. 

  • Paul F

    Actually, the Vette is NOT a muscle car, go look @ N-Ring and you will find a Vette in the top 10, with the supercars.

  • Alexander Buffalo

    There was one Corvette in this years N24, it came in 23rd, there were plenty of porches, mercedes, audis and what have you that came in after. Commentary on the driver perhaps and not the car.

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