Tell Me That's Not A Death Star: 3-D Laser Display

November 15, 2011


This is a video of a new 3-D laser display that can "print" 3-D images IN MIDAIR. How? Magic. I know I say that a lot, but I'm actually 99% certain this time.

The system has a framerate of just 10-15 FPS right now, although the company is working on bumping that up to 24-30.

It's smoother in real life than it looks in this video, though. According to DigInfo News, the video was shot at 30 FPS, which makes the 15 FPS projection look like it's flickering.

Yeaaaaaaah, why on earth would a cameraman covering A TECHNOLOGY CONVENTION shoot a 15FPS laser lightshow at 30FPS? Jesus -- where'd you find this guy, Craigslist?

Hit the jump for the future of...something. P0rn? Video games? Probably one of those two.

3D Laser Display of the Day []

Thanks to Mark, who asks, "what good is 3-D p0rn if everybody is alien green?" SPOILER: Very good. And to Melissa, who didn't ask that but was probably thinking it. Jk jk, she's a LADY.

  • Rzah

    "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you're my only hope" would have been an awesome demo but instead they go with a crap fish.

    Also, where is the theme to make this site look nice and black like it used to, can't any of you tools edit a CSS file?

  • Ramuran had it installed since the second day after the revamp lol

    EDIT: well, it's for chrome, but maybe there's one that'll work for other browsers, idk.

  • Cool the hint. The Stylish also serves many other things. One is to customize the Visual Facebook. Themes to change the appearance of the timeline. Even've done up some. Here the list of themes that work with Stylish:

  • Adam Talbot

    just saved my life :)
    now, do you have anything for the new writer? :P

  • Luke Briner

    Not that impressive. Sid has used a bigger one of these for years on CSI New York for autopsies and his doesn't flicker.

  • Guest

    I think they forgot about those light sticks that generate images via pulses of light that work with the speed of it swinging back and forth. So it's really not the only technology to display images that are not constraint to a screen.

    Do I get a cookie? huh huh???

  • CodeOwl

    You get a cookie made of vomit. Those light sticks sting like hell if your finger gets in the way.

  • Unfortunately, you'll also have an epileptic seizure while watching.

  • Indie Annajones

    I don't think it flickers in real life, it's just because it's filmed.

  • SO cool!

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