T-Shirt With Integrated Sunglass-Wiping Cloth

November 9, 2011


I've got news for you: all t-shirts come with an integrated sunglass wiping cloth -- IT'S CALLED THE BOTTOM. You can even use the inside if you're really fancy. This is the Wipe t-shirt from Japanese clothier fift. It has three microfiber clothes on it to clean your touchscreen devices, sunglasses, oooooooor wipe your greasy-ass sausage fingers on and f*** everything up. Did I mention a single shirt will set you back $90? Because that's true, making it far more economical to wear your glasses until you can't see out of them anymore and buy a new pair than wear one of these every day of the week. PLUS -- and this is the real kicker -- those curvy stripes would make you look fat as shit.

Hit the jump for a couple closeups up glasses-wiping action because I know there are at least two of you out there that are into that.



Product Site
Wipe T-Shirt: Dressed in Rags [technabob]

Thanks to Sandman, who better help me sleep tonight and not try to suffocate me with a pillow like last time.

  • Sherie Myers

    holy shitballs this is my dream tshirt

    your new site makes me feel sophisticated enough to read it at work and not feel like i'm going to get in trouble......... and yet waaaay too sophisticated for my reading at home.... it makes me feel dumb

  • Mr. Roboto


  • MeggyMonster

    Who took over Geekologie? The design looks so bland and boring. It just reminds me of my school text books; annoyingly blinding white. D:

  • Luis Cárdenas

    New layout needs more black!

  • James Mcelroy

    back in black!

  • The new layout is a step ahead in funtionality but a step back in desing. Bring the old black theme back please.

  • Slenderpony

    Great! Now that you can see through your glasses, maybe you'll be able to see how terrible these colors look! Back to black!

  • Hambi

    Stiiill don't like the new layout!

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