Surfer Surfs Recording-Breaking 90-Foot Wave

November 9, 2011


You know what separates the men from the boys? Pubic hair. I'm serious, I think that's it. This is a video of Garret MacNamara risking getting deep-sixed by a 90-footer to set a record for the largest wave surfed, breaking Mike Parsons' 2008 record of 77-feet. Impressive, Garret, but what would happen if you fell off? "I'd float." How?! "Testicles are buoyant* and mine are the size of a whales'!" Jesus! So wetsuit technology -- that's the real news here.

*This statement has not been evaluated by medical professionals although I did perform several Google searches and get caught up reading about guys' penises floating in the bathtub.

Hit the jump for the humunga cowabunga from down under or whatever.

Surfing a Massive 90-Foot Wave to Claim the World Record [gizmodo]

Thanks to mack and Tibaldo, who once entered a surfing competition thinking the winner got to go on a date with a mermaid.

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