Surfer Surfs Recording-Breaking 90-Foot Wave

November 9, 2011


You know what separates the men from the boys? Pubic hair. I'm serious, I think that's it. This is a video of Garret MacNamara risking getting deep-sixed by a 90-footer to set a record for the largest wave surfed, breaking Mike Parsons' 2008 record of 77-feet. Impressive, Garret, but what would happen if you fell off? "I'd float." How?! "Testicles are buoyant* and mine are the size of a whales'!" Jesus! So wetsuit technology -- that's the real news here.

*This statement has not been evaluated by medical professionals although I did perform several Google searches and get caught up reading about guys' penises floating in the bathtub.

Hit the jump for the humunga cowabunga from down under or whatever.

Surfing a Massive 90-Foot Wave to Claim the World Record [gizmodo]

Thanks to mack and Tibaldo, who once entered a surfing competition thinking the winner got to go on a date with a mermaid.

  • This is near the place were I live now... Awesome

  • Incredible man!

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    bring back the black !!

  • George Ballente

    That is scary as shit! But awesome scene. Make Money Blogging

  • This_Update_Sucks

    You know what else seperates men from boys? COLOR SCHEMES SO GAY THAT "MY LITTLE PONY" WOULDN'T EVEN USE THEM!

  • Everyone forgets that the GW is a working for/with a company of other people... it's not necessarily 100% up to him what happens to the site because he doesn't necessarily OWN the site. If somebody feels that white is a more accessible colour or that the site needs more pageviews or whatever else, then the GW may only have a certain amount of input on that. So don't assume that he's "not listening to his fans" or that he's totally oblivious. 

    Also, I don't think that the bitching/whining comments are necessarily reflective of the general opinion. It's probably just the vocal minority.

  • Zander P

    Ridiculous and UGLY layout, GW. 
    EYESORE TO THE MAX!!! What's with this video? So underwhelming.

     You see a guy riding the middle of a 90-foot wave for 5 seconds and it cuts to the foam curls on top of him THEN cuts to the end of his surf. HAHAHA, WTF?

  • Shaun Fernandez

    black background please!

  • Why !!! Whyyyyy !!! Why u no listen to your fans !!!! Everday I check Geekologie for the past few years ... Luv It !! But Yup .... Feels you sold out to something else !!!  Feels like someelse is Calling the shots now !!! We liked the old colors and the old layout !!!...

  • 8bitNES

    What's with all the surfing stories? How is surfing "geek"? And yeah the new layout is a hideous EYESORE.  Get your shit together GW. This site is going downhill. 

  • pyr4ted4ve

    Way to make the layout as shitty as the others... why dont you just change the name too and hire some 50 year old to write the post.  I've been on here for years, and I'm seriously going to stop viewing. f this shiz. and it's ads. The Logging in is good.  The like button is good.  even the picture next to the name is good.  However where did the anonymity go? The white background sucks. The left margin posts suck.(they should be in the middle again) Its as if you tried to make the site simpler/cleaner and in doing so you've made it cluttered and shitty. The colors ought to be the same as the top bar(logo thing) is now. you've taken away Geekologie's character...

  • Ryan Dempsey

    The new layout is trying to be a Mac.  So is every BS commercial with an all white background, alternative music, and some person talking. 

  • Darryl Vogler

    layout sucks etc, but how does this relate to geek news?

  • New layout blows ass.

  • JD

    Good FSM, I'm gone for a week and then Geekologie is all changed! 

  • Hambi

    Need to be as high as that wave to like the new layout :X

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