Super Mario Theme Played On A Trio Of Accordions

November 29, 2011


This is a clip from what might be my new favorite television show of a trio of accordionists playing the Super Mario Bros. theme in Bulgaria. I know -- they have Super Mario Bros. in Bulgaria, I'm as shocked as you are.

Hit the jump and get your beep-boop-beep-boo-boo-bee-boop on or whatever.

Bulgarian accordion players bring Super Mario Bros. theme to life [asylum]

Thanks to Frankenberry, arguably the best monster-themed breakfast cereal behind Count Chocula.

  • Of course we have Super Mario, GW! My childhood went by this game!

  • Anyone else notice the brand of accordion was "weltmeister"?  That's what my dad used to call his belt!

  • Wow they certainly got good use out of that crane they rented.  Let make every shot start in the trees, like you're a flying squirrel listening to them. 

  • And here's my hometown mexican version of Mario Bros' theme (with vocalized "Mamma mia" and coin SFX)

  • PARADOX_2015

    look its 3 Bulgarians, who never been laid before. To clarify, the song is awesome. Unfortunatly these 3 guys, who were off key and tempo during some parts of the song, just have never felt the soft and warm touch of a woman before. 

    The fact of the matter is if you play an accordion, live on a farm in Bulgaria, and dress like the that, you've probably never shared your bed with even a mildly attractive woman. 

    If you are a Bulgarian accordion farmer, you'd agree that you've only slept with a sheep, fat lady, hairy lady, and the cross eyed bucktoothed floppy boobed ugly stick face lady - CEBT USFL for short. Which are fun to ride after 5 Jameson and cokes, but God forbid having it documented on any type of  film stock, and you Sir have destined your life to become a talking head on CNN.

  • Azariel_z

    WTF, I like Dark + hairy + Robust ( not fat ! ) ladies ... ( no blondies + Anorexia nervosa chicks, no way, )  but no sheep!!  

  • This is awesome!

  • InkyBloc

    Sofia Mario Bros.

  • IB

    Craaaaap I play accordion so now a ton of people are going to send me this. Just kidding, I play accordion so I have no friends.

  • Andy Peverley

    you can play three accordions at once ?!?!

  • hahahahhaha

  • Portard

    I'm... in love.

  • mz001

    Bulgarian boygroup?

  • its a life style really

  • Devin Smith


  • Mary Pham

    im better than charlie!

  • Cho Lo

    your face maqui. 

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