Suck It, Fabric!: A Molded Plastic Backpack

November 14, 2011


This is a $165 Solid Grey backpack. It's made out of single piece of rigid polyprene (plastic) and would look even better painted like a ninja turtle shell. But what wouldn't? *eying coffee table* Okay, that one I might have f***ed up.

These unique bags feature a folding hardshell design, EPDM foam lining and straps for keeping your tablet or laptop safe and secure, two interior compartments for keeping small items handy, a built-in document clip -- so your papers don't end up smashed at the bottom of the bag -- and a flexible fit, which means your back will like it just as much as your eyes do.

Yeah, I dunno how my spine is gonna feel about that hard back. What do you think, spine? "Scoliosis." Ha -- what about it? "You remember in middle school when you and all the other boys had to take your shirts off in the locker room so the gym teacher could make sure I wasn't bent?" Yes... "And you remember how all the other boys started laughing?" Yes... "It was because of your tits." WHAT?!?! You said it was because somebody farted! -- you just set my therapy back like a decade.

Hit the jump for several more shots including one with an ass gone horribly, horrible wrong.




Official Site
Solid Gray Backpack [uncrate]
Solid Gray: Backpack to the Future [technabob]

Thanks to jason and Richy Poor, who agree the best backpack is a bandana on a stick. Oh shit -- bringin' back the hobo bag!

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