Stephen Colbert Interviewing Neil deGrasse Tyson

November 29, 2011


Worst sex explanation ever.

This is an hour-and-a-half interview between Stephen Colbert and famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. There's a lot of knowledge to be gained from watching it, so I suggest you make a pair of secret computer-viewing glasses tonight and come back to watch it at work tomorrow. Alternatively, just listen to it while you read blogs all day. But whatever you do, DON'T listen to it when you get home from work and start masturbating, or you're gonna have a whole lot of explaining to do when your girlfriend walks in. Oh come on baby, it's science. Like you've never diddled yourself watching PBS before!

Hit the jump for the video, actual interview starts around 6:30.

Stephen Colbert Interviews Neil DeGrasse Tyson [scientificamerican]

Thanks to Louis L., who agrees developing science fetish is a slippery slope. One paved with kinky experiments.

  • Kat87

     It's disingenous to ignore the fact that people largely distrust science today because scientists in the past have frequently pursued knowledge at the expense of individuals. The scientists in nazi concentration camps, the creators/distributors of things like DDT and poison (chlorine) gas, the practitioners of the Tuskeegee experiments and several psychologically scarring experiments- largely removed themselves emotionally from the subjects they studied and became something inhuman and robotic.

    Not all scientists are that way, but it's dishonest to ignore that many scientists have been until regulated by an outside force.  The nature of scientific pursuits are largely reckless and often tend towards "poke these things together and see what happens". Not to mention, it is frequently the case that scientists oversimplify or inaccurately present things in order to get funding, and in every case they deserve the lion's share of responsibility for negative consequences.

    I am in no way anti-scientific pursuit, but Neil Tyson would do well to acknowledge that people's distrust and fear did not always exist, and people feel this way precisely because people in power (scientists as well as politicians and others) have repetitively taken advantage of the trust and naivete of the layman. I don't like the unapologetic, "blame everyone but us" attitude.

  • People in large actually have always distrustful and afraid of knowledge in large FYI.  This fear has manifested itself in historical periods as a destructive backwards progress hindering phase such as in The Dark Ages, or during Witch Burning.

    The Nazi Concentration camps and the Tuskeegee experiments were not science, they were focused racism and hate that was by scientists. It was not done by a group of rogue scientists but it was done with the full endorsement of a racist and hate driven government.
    Chlorine gas and DDT were created using a science by scientists but their effects were not measured and thought through using the scientific method. They were implemented by an irresponsible government.
    Science isn't just chemistry, biology, physics etc... Science is the method of research and thought that goes into these fields. Science is getting rid of false beliefs to come up with the most sound theories.

    It might do you well to admit that you're ignorant.

  • Luga Pete

    one of the most awesome persons out there. could listen to him forever!

  • Callam Ian Macalister

    i didnt know Cleveland was an astrophysicist

  • You are a racist idiot.

  • Davidsadi

    great watch this guy is plugged into the universe :p

  • Louis

    Skip to 6:05

  • Watch out, we got a badass over here.

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