Star Wars Pinup Recruitment Calendar

November 28, 2011


Etsy seller NomAnor (Joey DeMarco) is selling these 2012 Star Wars pinup recruitment calendars for $25. Each month features a girl wearing something Star Wars PLUS A CHART OF THE DAYS. Wanna know what day of the week your birthday falls on this year? You're the only one. Nobody's coming to your stupid party!

Hit the jump for several more excepts from the calendar, a link to the Etsy page, and one to Joey's website with a bunch more shots from the pinup shoots.





Etsy Sale Page
Joey's Website (with more pics of the pinup shoots)

Thanks to Erin, Darby and Chewie D and Stacey, who agree this would look great great next to the toolbox in your garage. Also: a mini-fridge filled with beer.

  • Scott A Holznagel

    They could definitely have found hotter girls....

  • That miss November is really ugly !

  • Jessica Rhae Gains

    To boot with all of you and your negative comments. I've been watching
    Joey post bits of these photoshoots for months and I'm quite excited for
    this calendar.  I think some people are just spoiled and don't
    understand the work that has been put into this.

  • Tom Kwiczor

    Your are just got blasted away by's plasma rifle biètch.

  • jaime_arg

    These are pretty bad. Either calendars or pinup posters, the combination results in a huge boring picture.

  • Hotdogfarmer

    The first pic has a dismembered arm and a disembodied hand. That's quality photoshopping right there.

  • Seelaam

    That's totally creeping me out.  I can't stop staring at it.   Except to leave this comment.  Now back to staring.  *shudder*

  • I'm impressed!
    Not with the calendar, that's just ok.
    I'm impressed that there are 5 comments and not one of them refers to what they'd do to the girls in the photos.

  • I tell you what.... That blue bitch would be done! Done like dinner!

  • Vladeon

    Am I the only one that thinks it's odd that the person didn't just photoshop the pictures to look like the classic posters using color substitution? I guess it'd be too much trouble to add some quality.

  • Shea Wheeler

    What is wrong with that girls butt?

  • i know its lame but i had too

  • whacko

    Too bad for you that with this new comment system, Firstard posts simply drop to the bottom, never to be seen by civilized folk...

  • first for once in my life

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