Spiderman Eye Collage From Cut Up Comic Books

November 28, 2011


This is a collage of Spiderman's eye made from cut-out comic book pictures by French artist Mr Garcin. This? This is a picture of my eye made from torn up Playboys. "You sure? That...looks like a b-hole." Haha, you got me. Psyche, I got you -- you're staring at my roommate's exit-hole!

Mr Garcin's Website
Spider-Eye Collage [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Tone, who once accidentally glued his head inside a library book and had to pay for it.

  • Joel Asencio

    Actually, this is just the cover of Amazing Spider-Man # 700, look it up

  • Why god just why

  • Savages

  • Duane Drew

    omfg those poor comics!!! thank god its awesome.

  • Guest

    The moment I saw this, that classic Spider Man theme song popped into my head....

  • That's... a cool effect, but an awful lot of work. And if that's actually cut out from the physical comics, it makes me a little sad on the inside.

    Also GW, it's "Sike." Just for future reference. :)

  • I like that. Don't know why but I do.

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