South Korea Testing Robotic Prison Guards

November 28, 2011


Everybody have a good Thanksgiving weekend? Excellent. I did nothing but play video games, eat, drink and sleep. It was pretty much my dream world. Plus twice I got so full I thought I was gonna die. First World problems, amirite?! South Korea is testing a fleet of robotic guards to patrol their prison facilities. I'm gonna tear off one of their antennas and make a knife.

It said the robots move on four wheels and are equipped with cameras and other sensors that allow them to detect risky behaviour such as violence and suicide.

Prof Lee Baik-Chu, of Kyonggi University, who led the design process, said the robots would alert human guards if they discovered a problem.

Yeaaaaaaaaah, that sounds an awful lot like a video surveillance system on wheels. Come on, they're not even weaponized? That's pretty weak, South Korea. Still, you know the best thing about robotic prison guards? You won't feel bad killing a few during an escape attempt. "I still would." Well of course YOU would, you own f***ng WALL-E on Blu-Ray.

Robotic prison wardens to patrol South Korean prison [bbcnews]

Thanks to Chris, Tessier, Global, Cassowary Queen and Kokocat, who have every intention of hollowing out the bodies of these things and driving them right out the gate.

  • im sure the united states was the financial donor to developing this technology.

  • Tom Kwiczor

    This remind me of a website about robots who get off to human violence.

  • Tom Kwiczor

    It never worked...

  • Guest

    hrmm...tattle bots that look cute. They may also help cool things down with their adorableness. It might even be suitable for schools, if this is a success (cut down on the violence).

  • So are Disney running Korean gaols now?

  • dunch


  • Seriously?

    that's an ED-209  if I ever saw one.

  • RDarker

    Uh nah bro, that's Jailbot and he's on the prowl for Jackuknife!
    I bet you it knows Hapkido...runs on rice...

  • jesselewis96


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