Slovenly Superheroes: Adult Superhero Snuggies

November 28, 2011


This is a series of "comfy throw blankets with sleeves" (AKA generic Snuggies, monster pieces of shit, etc., etc.) with printed superhero costumes. You can choose from Batman, Spiderman or Wonder Woman, any of which will cost you $33. Plus your dignity. Dignity, LOL -- you belong to a Call of Duty clan with a bunch of f***ing 12-year olds! "So?" So?! So they call you grandpa and ask for sex advice! "And?" AND YOU HAVE TO LIE BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE ANY. Really bro, it's f***ing pathetic. Join my Counter Strike crew?

Hit the jump for the other two, one of which looks suspiciously like it was just Photoshopped over the same dude.



Amazon Product Site
Batman Adult Onsie [buzzfeed]

Thanks to colin and Amy, who agree a REAL superhero wouldn't be caught dead in a Snuggie. Or in a closet with their hands taped to their genitals and a bag over their head.

  • Portard

    I really, really want the Pidamayn one for Christmas, but I get the feeling with me being only 5'1" it would wind up looking like someone amputated Pidamayn's legs at the knee. For shame. :'(

  • Iceman

    I'm sure it's not photoshopped, because the shadows are all wrong.

  • vadersapp

    I've had the Superman one since Christmas last year. It's awesome.

  • zeldasbff

    Notice how they are all sitting alone on that JCPenney catalog couch? SO not super.

  • sonniea_grey

    A. i owned the batman one like months ago!!
    2. spiderman is real just bad pic
    d. they also have cooking aprons like that (hottopic)

  • Cari MacKay

    Ok... the Spiderman costume is shopped. Maybe the item hasn't been made yet and it's just for conceptual purposes.

  • Ninja_Cricket

    I want the wonder woman one so I can feel like a lady. I'm too lazy for real drag.

  • Ben

    those super heros have got a bad case of bingo wings

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