Skyrim: The Home Of A Serial Killer & 100 Ways To Die

November 30, 2011


These are two videos from Skyrim. The first is the tastefully decorated home of an in-game serial killer, with body parts artfully strewn about the place. The second is 100 different ways to die in the game, a lot of which look suspiciously like running the kill command when you're in the middle of doing something stupid. Me? I'm never not in the middle of doing something stupid. "...Like teabagging that toaster?" Shhhhhhhhhh -- I'm warming my sperm so they swim faster.

Hit the jump for the videos.

Skyrim Serial Killer of the Day
100 Ways to Die in Skyrim of the Day []

Thanks to Dedee, alexis and Mark, who agree when they're old and gray having spent so many hours playing Skyrim won't be among their list of regrets.

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