Site News: Back in Black

November 17, 2011


We worked as hard and quickly as we could to bring back the darkness some of you guys seem to have missed so much. If the site is still showing up with tons of white on it, hit refresh and you should be transported to the dark theme. We're still working on a permanent redesign, but until then hopefully this should keep your eyeballs from melting off.

Post any comments/suggestions you might have in here and we'll try our best to address them.

  • wraithious


  • Love it! 

  • Dusty Graham

    i like it :D

  • KittAlpha

    The adjustments are great. Good, sensible changes and the stuff that IS new is great. Really pleased !

  • Ellinor Flood

    Yay! I loved the old theme. No idea why you changed it but maybe it's just me who hates change.

    Why is it "we" all of a sudden and not just GW? I loved to think of GW
    as just one single hilarious individual that told me about all the cool
    stuff that went on in the world (even though I always suspected that it
    could have been more people (like Santas elves) behind the scenes and
    also that I Watch Stuff and The Superficial shared some of the same

    Again, maybe it's just me but I'm scared of people (and love the
    darkness, like the average GW-reader) so ONE Geekologie Writer felt much safer

    Anyways. Love Geekologie no matter what and I think I can stand the occasional sponsored post so you guys can eat.




  • Michael Kronor

    nice colour!

  • yeah
    now let me post without signing into google and we're golden.

    however: GEEKOLOGIE ALONEwas smart enough to realize and correct this and thats why we love him...but not physically how le loves dinos...just platonicly

  •  dirty hippy.  i say: WHITE POWER suckage!!! ;)

    i think we need white backgrounds with white text. show nature whos boss.  

    environmental unfriendlyness will continue until the weather improves!!!!!!

  • Black Background? Check
    Full articles on frontpage, not stubs? Check

    No Sponsored posts? No Check

    Don't do this, you looks like a sellout. Just put ads between posts, you look like less of a sellout 

  • Kitty

    Can we get the "older posts" button oriented to the right instead of the left, now?

  • 2 words: Geekologie Mobile. ;)

  • Captain_Platypus

    Having to "hit the jump" for all articles, not just the ones I'm really interested in reminded me of IKEA.  I resent having to walk through their prescribed maze of merchandise just to buy the one thing I want.......and that is why I will never shop at IKEA again.  Thank you for switching back to the previous format!

  • d_lucky13

    New about changing the name back to Hedonistica?

  • Glorianna Tillemann-Dick

    Aaaaaaaah. Much better.

  • Colin Beyer


  • zeldasbff

    yay! ::hugs:: GW is the super awesomest :D

  • bring back the sex jokes, then, it's 99.9999underline99 complete

  • jaime_arg

    The only thing I care about is not having to click for every story. As I said before, I read it at night, all of the posts together. This is not a threat, just a heads up, but I will definitely stop reading the site if all of the stories are cut in half.

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